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today is the أربعين of my poor nibbler, after 40 days of mourning I think I can afford to move on.

so I'm now te proud owner of Shadowfax
Shadowfax open Shadowfax closed

yes I got me a new laptop yaaaaaay, this means I'll be adding more wifi hotspots soon, it also means I'm in debt till next year but hey shadowfax is worth it.

wikipedia has this to say about Shadowfax

Shadowfax is a mighty horse of Rohan, the chief of the Mearas, tamed by Gandalf and reluctantly granted as a gift to him (after Gandalf had borrowed him for some time) by King Théoden of the Rohirrim. No Man could tame Shadowfax. He would not tolerate a bridle or saddle, and only carried Gandalf by choice. The great horse also bore a hobbit, Pippin, for a short time during the War of the Ring.
Like the other Mearas, Shadowfax was a grey/silver stallion, and could understand the speech of Men. He was also seemingly fearless, and could run faster than any other horse in Middle-Earth.
Shadowfax is thought to have passed West over the Sea with his master but this is unclear in the works of Tolkien. In French, he is known as Gripoil

Asus have a slightly different opinion


Albeit a little late.

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Alaa, what are you impressions on this laptop? Also, how good is Asus's support here in Egypt? Do they have a service center like Toshiba? Do they support their No Dead Pixels claim here? Thanks...

it is the same model as my long lost laptop I love it, the most affordable under 1.5kg laptop you can buy.

no idea about their support though, toshiba have a service center but they force you to use it, too many failing harddisks and horror stories recently.