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New feature: events calender

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we've been using our blogs to announce and promote events for a while now, each blogger pics and chooses events at random. and so far it worked out fine.

but some of us think we need a better solution, a centralized event calender.

anyone can submit an event. you can keep track of upcoming events through rss and through ical.

I caught a nasty cold and I'm too tired to work on improving the interface or to make a learned decision wether the event calender should be on a seperate website or leave is as part of .


this is a great idea ya Alaa! Salamtak...i still got the "flues" too :S

When you are better we'll need an icon for it like the aggregator one to easily link to it.

somoene else will have to do the icon thing.

Very easy to do things when you know how. I have been fiddling with Drupal for sometime now. I know it is not the best architecture, but we have a domain The idea was to have all the announcements on a website, instead of all the different spam emails and mailing lists we have. If we decide to go for an independent website, I cannot manage the thing. Volunteers?

Which reminds me. If we're going to have this in Arabic, Drupal needs to be fully Arabised.

ugh is such an ugly domain name

why is drupal not the best architecture for this? can't think of a single needed feature that drupal doesn't have.

as for fully arabized, we are almost there thanx to your efforts, we'll need to work on translating some extra modules (event, flexinode, what else?).

way I see it there are two ways to go about this in the begining.

first is to just publish whatever events we find about that don't have a decent place on the web, slowly build an audience and a group of volunteers and debug and finetune your platform.

the other approach is to try and collect everything in one place even the events that get a decent mention on the web (sakia's calender masalan). in one full fledged website with everything coded and designed to perfection being launched mara wa7da

needless to say the second approach is beyond our means and bound to fail anyway.

anyways I'm sure we can rally a handful of bloggers to this, enough to make a good start.

We just happened to have the domain registered for free, and thought it can make a good theme: stand on top of the tower and see what's going on in town... If you're bringing this into, then fine.

What I said is Drupal is good, but I did not get the need to familiarise myself with it. This was going to be my chance. Good to be lazy.

Yes, I will try to get back to Arabisation soon. Don't start big. I will gain its own momentum when Sakia, Opera, clubs, journalists, and wazzup-like lists think it is useful enough.

I'll do it as part of manalaa because I know I'm not going to spare the time otherwise (you've seen my todo, I'm assuming it will require a bit of hacking here).

meanwhile you work on arabization and hopefully invite others to join.

while we are both working on our parts we try to find out what other bloggers think about the idea, then we meet with those who like it and are willing to contribute and discuss final arrangements (which might include using the ugly cairotower, very phalic).