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We won't forget: Lighting candles

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We went today to the silent demonstration in front of Sa3ad Zaghloul's mausoleum, the same placed were many people were beaten and harassed on wednesday 25th of may.

It was supposed to be a silent demonstration with candles, which it was most of the time. We arrived 10 minutes to 8, there were already a lot of people, some came with packages of candles and started distributing them.

lighting candles lighting candles 2 silent with candles

More people started to arrive, but at the beginning people kept standing on the pavement only, refusing to step down to the street though it was empty of any police forces.

Born in a cage

I think at the highest point, we reached something between 1800 - 2000, we filled the small street between Mansor st. and Falaky st. to the rim.

two thousands

There were few events today. Some started singing Sheikh Emam songs, and near the end there was a group that broke the silence and began shouting the usual slogans.

After an hour and a half people started to leave (the demonstration was supposed to be for one hour only), and when there very few left, then came Nabil El Ezabi, the head of Cairo security. He came walking in the street that was a few minutes ago full of people demonstrating, surrounded by some police officers and some media people, I dont know why he came? to take some photos among the remainder of the demonstrators and appear as the dutiful officer who comes to make sure that every thing is alright in our democratic country..or did he just came to provoke us??

My brave mother-in-law, Dr. Laila Soueif went to him and asked him weren't u there at the journalist syndicate when people were beaten and sexually harassed? didn't this happen in front of your eyes and u didnt move a finger to stop it?..Get out of here

Of course Alaa went after her and started shouting "sheelo el 3zabi, sheelo el 3azbi" and many of the young people repeated after him. Some of the "Kifaya" responsibles came to calm him down..they didn't want it to get out of hand. Alaa didnt calm tell till they told him that El Ezabi was gone.

Alaa was later interviewed by El Ghad online radio, today is their first day in streaming, they seemed to be interviewing everyone.

It was a successful day after all.

Join us tomorrow in The street is ours

more photos


al ghad showed up in numbers this time, they always have one or two key people present but this time they had a big group and the the big heads where there.

while the tagamo3 publicly ordered its members not to participate in kefaia events anymore the usual gang of tagamo3 protesters where there, I dared not question them about it I'm sure they enough of that.

asking the journalists I met it seems the meeting every wednesday at 2pm in journalists syndicate did not happen wala 7aga.

I'm very angry, I still can't get over the referendum day, typically I don't even join in slogans and stuff yet the sight of el ezabi made me boil, I had like 30 restraining me kefaia wanted the day to end quietly and off course the usual gang of socialists masada2o and joined me in angry protests. (I'll probably cool down when I get a new laptop).

as usual many bloggers, next time I should bring some civil journalism propaganda with me.

nice to see more input on how to protest, guys with digital cameras filming and doing their interviews, lets hope they'll share this stuff with us.

lets come up with more ideas, the widespace allows for lots of creativity.

On the report on AlJazeera, the protestors were singing: "Kifaya Kifaya Kifaya, Koll zalim wi leeh nihaya". I'm curious, were they singing the full song, or just that line? Thanks.

there was lots of singing that day.

This is really civilized and uplifting. The turnout is great. Would these people be willing to attend/give regular political awareness meetings??

hey! manal is writing! el leel 3eed ya welad :)

why don't we hold such vigils every wednesday for a month or two?

I think that's what we should do, especially because each time we are getting more and more people.

we should try and make something different each time though, and try and tell more people about it.

if we get to have a demonstration with 10 thousand...

Yay, Manal is blogging.

Nice post ya Manal.

thanx ya wont be the last :-)

hope u r feeling better today