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We are disconnected

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are you wondering where we are?

we are currently disconnected, I have no phone line, no adsl line since thursday and tab3an I don't have a laptop so I can visit a wifi joint, I'm not going to use windows on an internet cafe so I'm stuck like this until I get my phoneline fixed.

and since one should never attribute to malice what can be explained by stupidity I will assume this is normal egyptian infrastructure failure and not some security action taken against me.


It's good to know that you are still around. Post catagorized in the correct place. Simply A7a :) Ahh I love that word.

هو تم حجب موقع( الوعى المصرى)؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟ الله يخرب بيتهم قادر يا كريم.......

What does nto kill us, will only make us stronger...

Windows is not that bad of an OS, I mean Cyber Cafe's are not a bad alternative by any means, don't you agree?

I have nothing against cyber cafe's but using windows is not something I'd enjoy, besides I need more than just a browser, and using anything but my own pc is too much.

I'm back to working fulltime now so I do get internet access at the office, but no time to really use it.

hopefully the whole phoneline thing will be fixed soon.

Did you say Misr Digital was blocked? And by the way, please use computers in an Internet cafe... we need to hear what you have to say. You have to assume you were disconnected.

No, Misr Digital is not blocked... I see people from Egypt on the counter.

ايه الأخبار انتوا لسة غير متصلين بالشبكة؟ أو الموضوع خلص إزاي؟

الموضوع خلص بعد ما بلغنا السنترال و شركة النت و حركنا شوية وسايط عشان يتنيلوا يصلحوا بسرعة