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videos of black wednesday

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update: files now in thanx to mostafa

وصلنى ملف فيديو فيه بعض أحداث يوم الاستفتاء . الحقيقة الصورة مش كويسة و طبعا الموضوع مش واضح من كتر الزحمة، ترتيب المشاهد ملخبط هو تقريبا مونتاج بعكس ترتيب الأحداث ، فى جزء صغير طالع فيه أنا و والدتى بس مش معبر بالمرة عن اللى جرالنا .

بس برضه مهم تشوفوه

I recieved a video excerpt of what happened on the referendum day. the quality ios not so good, you can't really understand whats going on, the thing makes no chronological sense (its a montage in almost reverse order), and the brief part that shows me and my mom don't really show what happened.

but it is still worth a look


The videos are not available . I tried all options above but I could not run any.

yes I had to disable them due to excess bandwidth usage, will try to find a better solution soon.

guys, you should be able to compress these videos to take much less space ....

hi, it's a good surprise to find my video here... i gave it to some people around me before going back to france, and now it's in the hands of the main protagonist. the quality is not so good and what's going on is hardly understandable, but the events were so confused, as you know. the montage is not in the the reverse order. i first arrived (too late) in saad zaghloul, didn't understand well what was happening (okay i quickly understood), followed watani demonstrators in the streets around there then caught the scene of you and your mother beaten by baltaguis. well, it's a weird sensation to film this kind of scene without being able to do anything. the first reaction is "i must do something", then you think no, i'm a khawaga, it could be seen as foreign pressure (and also : it could be painful for me). then i went to dar al qoda, spoke with some kefaya-or-so members there, missed the events that were happening at the same time outside the journalist syndicate. i went there, filmed a little bit, talked to some very cordial (that's ironic) 15-years-old watani demonstrators. then i finally came back home from that nauseating day, thinking about how easier it is to be an opponent in france.

hmmm khawaga interfering to save lives is ok I guess, anyways you couldn't have helped, and the videos are very important (at least to me, I need them to make sure what happened was real).

so is that all the footage you have? can't I get some better quality stuff?