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The Daily star has a weird article about Egyptian blogs. it happens to be the first negative press get (yeah the web is full of people dissing but so far all the mainstream media coverage we got was favorable) but just like the praise we get on the press it's mostly rubbish stuff written by clueless and lazy journalists.

Local bloggers offer the constructive, the amusing and the pointless

... Manal and Alaa (, a poor blog site, is surprisingly recommended by what are arguably much better bloggers. Manal and Alaa is at best, a jolly personal Web site. But as blogs go, it is self-important, self-indulgent and incoherent. It claims to be a voice for Egyptian rebels and to have some affiliation with activist causes but all that can be seen are disguised personal vanity photos. ...

fun eh? what Tarek Shahin doesn't realise is people recommend not for our writing but for services like the Egyptian Blogs Aggregator. it is probably our mistake though nothing on the page makes it clear that we host such services or explains them. if you know what you're looking for you'll find it, if you don't you're lost. but what I don't get is the part about claiming to be a voice of Egyptian rebels when did we make that claim? where is that claim on can someone post a link? oh well, he also pointed to africano's old address, which is a bit weird considering you get redirected to the new one after you spend 5 seconds there. either he didn't want to paste another address or the article was written a few months ago but had to wait for some reason. so people actually get paid to come up with articles like these?!!


Yes,Manal and Alaa is the best

He is speeking very good about Africano, but at the same time he seems not to be following its last move... I dont think he hates that much so that he doesnt put the actual Africano link Maybe this is written after someone else who really follows the blogsphere, i dont know Also some links are active and some are not Starnge!

حارقاك دى أوى لساك برضة مغرور


لأ يا عم سمكة مش دي اللي حارقاني، اللي حارقني أن مغرور دي طريقة غريبة جدا في تقييم مدونة

مفهوم أن الواحد يقيم بني أدم على أنه مغرور، مش مفهوم أن الواحد يكتب مقال في جرنال بيقيم فيه بني أدم على أنه مغرور كجزء من تقييم مدونة

و الحقيقة مش مفهوم برضه موضوع اختيار خمس مدونات و بعدين تقييمهم بطريقة عاجبني مش عاجبني في مقال في جرنال

طب ماهو الراجل قيمك بناء على انتاجك , مش برضة الموقع ده بيعبر عنك ولابيعبر عن علاء من حقل السبانخ?!

What dose the writer mean by describing a blog as being "less serious"?! He needs to recheck the definition of "blog".

His critique of Gayyash's shows us that the writer has some idealised image of how a blog must be, and at the same time contradicts what he said about a good blog as being "essentially raw, fresh and spicy."!

Comparing what professional journalists like Issandr et al write to the self-expressing the rest of us do is out of proportion.

واضح انك بتتقبل النقد من الجرايد، بس الواحد يقولك فذلكه تطلع فيه
بدون تريقه احييك على نشرك للنقد

علاء بيعمل استباق للحدث مش شجاعة ولا خرة

فعلا بعمل استباق للحدث لحسن حد من الخمسة اللي بيقرأوا الديلي ستار يعرف الحقيقة و يبطل يزور موقعي يقوم ينقطع عني المياه و النور

Ouch:-)...that is one tough critic:-) Well he seems like a total asshole, so it shouldn't bother you. (keeping my blog secret lest he comes after me, lol.)

more intresting criticism about obscenity being used in on this forum thread

As much as I believe he's entitled to say whatever he thinks, I also think that you've given him too much credit with this post.

LoL! I like that pseudo-tasteful sushi simile, yeah! that's totally something that every Egyptian can relate to. DUH!

>>LoL! I like that pseudo-tasteful sushi simile, yeah! that's totally something that every Egyptian can relate to. DUH!

عندك حق


what does every egyptian have to do with the daily star?

the newspaper has 5 readers, the guy invited them once for sushi so he knows they can relate. :-)

هههههههههيهيهي على رأيك.. بس فشختني ضحك بجد ! LOL!

I told you before.. this Pink color 'll destroy your career!

but you don't get it

pink helps my career as the secret agent of the homosexual zionist global masonic conspiracy, hell the CIA checks I get every month are pink.

صحيح معاك حق، ينفع يعني صوت الثوار يكون بمبى

wooooow... i never thought about that.. Damn you smart guys!


the aggregator ceased to be of any importance to me. yet, i bear witness that this post is one of the best accounts of Mohamed Danish cartoons i've ever read online. and though i made use of your other account of web 2.0 in my approach to the concept, i wouldn't cross-refer it, yes, the persistent pervasive verbal indecency over your blog is at the very least distracting.

the aggregator still gets a large chunk of traffic, though I must admit unless we start categorizing things it will become useless. pity that most bloggers use b0rked services that offer no categories we can aggregate.

what is fuck was that?? u know tha shit he said makes laugh .. but i can see also that he is just an ignorant ..btw .. yes Manal and Alaa r tha best .. u r tha best bro ...and ur blog is wow .. they r just some fucked up spiteful.. forget about them ... :)

Your English is wonderful!


أول مرة أفرح إن موضوع إتكتب عن المدونات وما جاش فيه إسم الوعي المصري بس انا حاسس ان الديلي ستار ليها علاقة بلجنة السياسات مش عارف ليه

وبعدين هو البتاع السوشي ده مش ده اللي معمول من التعابين ولا ده السوكي ياكي هو كده كده من اسمه حاجة "ياكي"


إستحمل يا بطل ماهو مش لازم كله ضرب ضرب لازم يبقى فيه شتيمة

At least they spelled your names right. Take it as a compliment: You haven't truly made it until journalists start taking pot-shots. :)

it's just that I'm used to getting a free meal for every article that mentions Egyptian blogs but this one not only dissed me, it came with no free meal :-(

Hi Alaa, sorry I'm the one who started all this.. Meaculpa.. I was just bored at work and this article made me laugh so i told Joe.. Ad el Namla we ta3mel 3amla.. :) yea that's me!! Oh.. I tried to get you out of jail, I have a friend Sami Barakat who's a lawyer in Sayeda Zenab jail but amn el dawla is too big for little naml like us..keep the fight going! :)

Alaa and Manal,

As a journalist, on the pay staff at The Daily Star Egypt, I apologize for this horrific and utterly incredulous story that obviously had everything wrong, at least about this blog. This is arguably the best blog in terms of information and knowledge about the opposition scene here in Egypt. Without it, at the beginning of my professional life here in Egypt, I would not have been able to follow the real activities of the opposition. I hope that we do not have him write for us any longer, as it is obvious who is being self-indulgent. You might note the front page tomorrow (thursday) as I actually have written a story about Alaa's incarceration. I hope you all take my apology and not hold the Daily Star entirely responsible, as he was a freelancer that hopefully will not be writing any longer.

I encourage all English speakers to pick up the Daily Star or check it out online because it is a quality paper and we have some really good talent, and if I have anything to say about it we will get things before other publications do. Any questions or comments or contacts that you would like to pass along, please send to [email protected] And I agree with all ya all about the bullshit that was Tarek Shahin.