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الأرض لو عطشانة نرويها بلابتوباتنا

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it seems it is my family's fate to loose its laptops in the fight for freedom and democracy.

yes I went to the kefaia mozahra today and lost my laptops, my pda, my usb key and my flash memory card, we're talking 12000LE worth of equipment and tons of data here.

I almost lost my life too but that you expect when you go to a protest, but my poor nibbler :-(

today me and my mother where attacked by tens of hired thugs from the NDP sham demonstration.

the police where there, they saw everything and they did not interfere, they kept asking for my ID while I was being kicked, they tried to arrest me and tried to confiscate my camera.

but let me start with the rage

dsc04595 dsc04598 dsc04597 more photos

if you know these people stop dealing with them now, beware don't get related to them, done talk to them, I encourage you to spit on them, to kick their balls, to shout obscenities.

oh and while we're at it would anonymous visitors please volunteer with some شتايم here, I'm not allowed because I intend to go to court and I don't need a libel case to deal with when I'm trying to prove the officers in these photos (note I did not say the fucking officers or anything of the like, don't misquote me) neglected their duty and did not protect me.

I was scared very scared but I'm glad I showed some bravery they attacked my mom first and I actually managed to protect her (other females where not as lucky, the fucking bastard harrased many).

they cracked some bone in the feet (yet to be confirmed, going to get an X ray soon) , they broke our glasses, I can hardly see.

but I don't feel violated, after we got cornered (we got the police to thank for that), after it became obvious the police was not about to help (they tried to interogate me while I was ducking blows and kicking back, it's hard to describe how it looks like having a wall of police officers in front of you with gaps opening from time to time to let a hand or a leg in to do damage), after they stole my bag with everything in. I decided not to break, I stood up and started taking photos, one of the officers asked the thugs to get the camera.

ok I can't really protect myself, I can't do shit for this fucking country, I can't protect my possesions, how can I maintain my feeling of selfworth through this?

by going crazy of course.

the camera is myself, men actually have a soul and it is in the memory stick of their digital cams, they don't really want me, the laptop was random stealing, what they want is my camera. I heard the officer say it GET THE CAMERA, I will protect the camera, just as I protected my mother.

crazy but it helped, I actually feel proud (yeah the photos sucked but that's all beside the point).

I shoved, I fought back, I curled in the floor, I kicked back, I was clever, they failed to inflict more injuries, while on the floor hands grabbed at the camera I put it in my pocket, TEAR HIS CLOTHES hands grabed I kicked, a uniformed hand is in my pocket, I bite.

another officer comes, stand up, why won't you leave, leave how? we'll be lynched.

he takes all the soldiers and goes away, we are alone and cornered, more fighting, they throw 2olal (قلال) at us, man its my fault, I brought the things to their attention when I broke one on their leader's head (he did not flinch, thank you tv real life is actually more scarry, has better special effects), it hurts everywhere.

the police come back, they shove us into a building, shouting at us.

I think; it was stupid of mom to try and stop a whole demo on her own, she does this trick on the amn markazi, but the soldiers are normal poor exploited egyptians, they hestitate, a fighting woman confuses them, they don't want to hit her, they wait for orders and the officers seldom give it.

but to try and protect what remained from the kefaia demonstration on her own? and these thugs they don't hesitate, the horror stories of what they did on our third retreat are unbelievable, in comparison I was lucky.

the first time the people on the cafe interfered, we refused to budge and the thugs moved on, but why did she have to start again? she went to protect this little guy, I tried to explain to her he is one of them, they're fighting each other over something or other.

and now we're trapped.

well better make phone calls, we both take out our mobiles, the officers starts shouting put these down.

ok another small battle, these silly victories is what makes you go on, is that how my dad managed to survive 5 years in jail? by winning small victories?

we make the calls, I call manal, I call dad, the phone calls agitate the officers they call for higher ranking officers they decide to move us, the amn markazi is there they from a protective cordone and we are swept to a pharmacy.

4 more protesters are there, we exchange news, one of the guys who are after the camera comes in, so he is a police guy who can tell the difference, I move deep inside the pharmacy.

back when I was on the floor with qolal raining on me I moved the memory stick from the camera and put it in a seperate pocket, I make sure its there, as long as I have the photos I'm intact, I retain my dignity I'm victorious.

in the middle of it all I flashed whatever money I had in my pockets, only 10 LE I shouted hey sorry I only have 10 can you spare me and I'll owe you the rest.

the pharmacy is full of officers in civies, they keep asking who we are and what do we belong to, why are you invistegating us? go talk to the thugs.

they seem to think this will scare us, they ask for names and we give them, who cares they know us all already, its not like its a secret movement.

the guys play a silly game, to each his small victories I suppose, they hide the mobile phones so none will fall in the hands of the police (protecting our friends they say), I'm thinking how silly.

negotiations begin, we'll take you out one by one, no way you did that in the begining and delivered us to the bastards, we all move together.

ok come with me, now no way we go out with a uniformed officer, I'm the highest ranking officer in the place (رئيس مباحث جنوب القاهرة) yeah but in civies you can melt into the croud.

they keep saying we are Egyptians bardo, ya 3am 7ad 2al 7aga, I get tired, my head hurts, my feet hurts, I can't see without glasees. shiiit I lost my laptop, SHIIIIIT I LOST MY FUCKING LAPTOP, depression, rage, helplessness.

we can't do small scale demos anymore I keep thinking, it's over, it's too dangerous, and we can't do large scale ones, only the ekhwan can.

the trouble is the ikhwan avoided protests until we did them.

I want to go home now, that's enough for me today.

they reach some agreement, I can't move I drag myself, we hold hands and we walk out, after 10 minutes we see reporters (WHERE THE FUCK WHERE YOU) some woman tries to interview me I can't even focus, we end up in a taxi.

the third retreat today, everyone moves to the syndicates.

when we get there is the typical scene few hundred protesters with thousands of central security soldiers around.

seems safe enough I think, back to normalcy.

little did I know, by the time I arrive home we get loads of horrific reports.

we leave the others and head home, mom lost her phone in the pharmacy, so it's with the police, we gotta get the number blocked before they make some international phone calls or something.

I joke with the taxi driver, I'm fine now, still in shock (I got hit by no less than 7 flags of egypt, the eagle never looked that intimidating before, I definatly can't think clearly) more phonecalls

ok I tell a blow by blow like 5 times, I chat on IRC and vent my rage a bit (root is the master and sudo is his prophet).

I'm alaa, I'm still the same, I say the same stuff, I do the same things, I can't see, it hurts but I'm intact, my camera is empty now, it can get back to being just a gadget.

ok I was very confused, did not know how to write this, which language to use, how to go about it. what voice, what style (yeah it will suck like the rest, will get 200 readers only like all my long posts but thats beside the point, I write for me).

the ban on بق أم الشتايم is too much, it's practicaly the reason I have this website and now I can't do it??

I don't know how this post looks like I'll read it again later.

btw for the fellow bloggers who asked manal why she never writes, when I got back home manal was about to write, all you need to do is beat the shit out of her husband, just make sure she knows about it and is trapped at home with nothing she can do to help.


بصراحة انت الغلطان تروح المظاهرة بحاجتك كلها ليه ؟

4774 يا علاء يجرالك كده و انا عايش ؟ انا زى ما انت عارف لا عضلات ولا حاجه و حتى ماليش ضهر بس اقل حاجه اضرب معاك :-)

I guess there's nothing to say except ya a3ma ba3d ma ba2eet men 3'eer nadara ;-)

calm down man, You did great!

Yes the laptop and other things are important, But you can't win everything and thank god you and your mother are safe.

I'll see when I pass by you tonight, Just waiting for Youssef to decide that he's ready to leave.

..I should have been there.

You're a hero, man.


I hope your bruises are healing.

You make me proud to be Egyptian! Bravo 3aleik wallahi.

Learning of people in the world like you gives us all hope. thank you.

انا طبعا المفروض اعارض لكن مستحيل وانت بالحالة دي

انا مستغرب انت ليه بتعمل كل ده

لكن في الاخر اقول يمكن انت مبسوط انك عايش كده ... فلوس كتير ضاعت في اليوم ده وداتا اكتر بكتير من الفلوس ... بس انت اكيد مبسوط والا مكنتش كتبت الكلام ده

انا باحتفظ بحقي في المعارضة بس لما تبقى انت عندك استعداد تتكلم

الف سلامة عليك وعلى والدتك

...وكالعادة ماعرفتش أروح وأشارك في المظاهرة، بس قالولي ان الدنيا هادية ومافيش حاجة خالص، ومنعوا المظاهرات، ولكن اتضح لي العكس. أسأل نفس سؤال محمد سمير، ليه ذهبت ومعاك كل الحاجات ديه؟! انت عارف انك رايح مظاهرة، وأكيد هايكون فيه عنف؟!

أنا دايما بروح المظاهرات مبين مشاوير شغل أو دراسة ولازم حاجتى تكون معايا و ألا مش هقدر أحضر أغلب المظاهرات.

و بعدين المتوقع نضرب لكن نتسرق دى جديدة

ده غير طبعا أنى مكنش عندى أى تخيل البلطجية هيبقوا عاملين ازاى، حتى أشرار الأفلام الهندى أحن من الكائنات ديه

على العموم أنا دلوقتى محلتيش حاجة تتسرق و أقدر أتفرغ لأنى انضرب.

النصر لكم أمنية من فلسطين

Alf salam 3aleek ya za3eem, we must thank Alah, you made it out on your feet, you and your heroic mum, may alah bless you all, and all the people who stood with you.

Honestly, having brave people like gives me hope, I can't do what you did, but if I had a friend like, I'd go and get beaten up as well...

If I only had the money, I'd given another laptop as small reward for your bravery


salamtak ya Teneen :((

I feel terribly numb after reading this and seeing the photos here and at wa7da masrya's. I am so sad and angry. Don't know what to say.

fedak 100 laptop :)

My heart goes out to you, your mum, and everyone who was with you on that day.


I spit on the heartless-bastards; the sac-thief, the mob, the ranks, and their leaders. Hope the effin chicken breast they were bribed with burns holes in their stomachs.

ps. I'm in noway related to zoss, I just happen to use the same IP :)

Ok, so I was one of the lucky ones who didn't come this time, I had a final exam at the same time.I don't claim to even begin to imagine how you might feel after such a day.The depression, helplessness and all the other negative feelings.But for what it's worth, you fooking did great and all that has happened was not in vain, it completely ruined their their whole democracy act, exposed them for what they are to people everywhere.

We need to change our tactics but we should definitely not leave the streets and go back to closed rooms.Next time I'll hopefully be able to make it we yalla ya 3m el darb hayetwaza3 3lena. Don't give up mate.

You should be proud man. This is nothing short of heroic. I've lost valubale stuff before but it was for nothing.. only stupid mistakes.. You lost your stuff for a GREAT cause, so have no regret my friend. we et2akked en rabena 7ay3awadak inshaAllah.

I'm so ashamed of myself.. I should have been there too :'( I had no idea it was gonna be like that..

Forgive me fighters for freedom for not being by your side. Forgive me women for not being their to protect you from these animals.. Forgive me all Egyptians for letting you down yesterday.

I promise you all.. I will never miss a chance like this again.

your bravery leaves me speechless,the beginning of an end to this regime is much closer than we think.

I bow to you Alaa,a true Egyptian indeed.

hold on.. the dawn of freedom is near.

Having your glasses broken must have been extremely unpleasant in that situation. I have some idea what it must have felt like, having lost my glasses in circumstances that were a little similar though nowhere near as threatening. Losing your glasses makes it hard to think clearly, not just to see. But while the thugs may have broken your glasses, the eyes of your blog have let us see how they behave and given us a glimpse of the reality of Cairo close to.

thank god you are OK and your mother too, i never imagined that this could happen that way, i'm really speachless about the events and the accidents. salamtak

Salamtak ya Alaa.... Ana fe3lan mesh 3arfa 2a2ool eeh. El mawdoo3 akbar men en el wa7ed ye3allaq 3aleeh....

I had heard a lot about what happend but reading it comming out of you .. someone I actually know and trust is not exaggerating... I can't even begin to think of how terrifying this experience must have been.

Salamtak we salamet Manal. I'm sure she must have lost her mind in those few hours.

I'm afraid its probably even worse than described, what happened to me was only a small glimpse of what the others got.

I'm gonna affirm the cliche that in hindsight the experience made me stronger and I can't wait for an oppertunity to test this new found strength.

but when it was happening yes it was terrifying, the worst this is how your mind can focus on all details, how you can feel the pain of el shatayem, the kicks and sticks and being stolen and being robbed of your basic rights and being betrayed and at the same time noticing that your telephone is ringing and you can't answer and how this will surely panic whoever is calling to yetamen.

in films in situations like this you see only the beating and kicking, there is a single stream of details that you can focus on, in reality your fear makes you drink it all at the same time.

I'm just glad we all found blogging before this happened, can't imagine how it would be like without all the support and solidarity, without being able to share it.

oh and do enable your atom feed please.

Ya Alaa yo2sefny 2a2ollak en ana ma3andeesh ay fekra meen el atom feed dah! And I hereby announce that the technical part of my blog is entirely alien to me! My beloved husband howa elli beyzabbatly el site whenever he has the time -which happens to be very rare- so ma3andeesh fekra howa 3amal 2eeh we 7at eeh but I do promise you I'll ask him to "enable my atom feed" -and sound like I know what I'm talking about- and I'm sure he'll laugh his head off la2eno 3aref qodraty el 3azima!

يا علاء باشا ربنا يقويك ويديك الصحه عشان تقدر تكمل وتستحمل ميت سنه ضرب انا عايزك تعقدهم وتخليهم يزهقوا من الضرب فيك

وان شاء الله قريبا هانضم ليكوا انا وكام واحد اصحابي بس هانعجبك اوي لان احنا بنلعب حديد وكلنا جتت يعني هانستحمل ضرب ان شاء الله على الاقل مرتين ضعف الشخص العادي

وربنا يقوي رجالة مصر كلهم على الضرب
ســـــــلاااااااام يا ابو العزايم

على فكرة يا علاء

لو قلبت في أحوال الإخوان واعتقالاتهم هاتعرف انك لما تقول: "أنا دايما بروح المظاهرات مبين مشاوير شغل أو دراسة ولازم حاجتى تكون معايا و ألا مش هقدر أحضر أغلب المظاهرات.

و بعدين المتوقع نضرب لكن نتسرق دى جديدة "

بص يا أخي..

كل شيء مستباح في عالم الإخوان - على اعتبار نشأتي فيهم - في المظاهرات.. في اعتقالات البيوت... السرقة دي شيء أساسي يا سيدي الفاضل

اسأل أي حد من الاخوان .. أمن الدولة "لازم" تسرق البيت..دهب..فلوس..كمبيوتر..موبايلت..أي شيء يخف وزنه ويغلو ثمنه

حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل

خليك مستمر... الباطل بيطلع في الروح

سلام عليكم يا بطل

سلام عليكم علاء لم اكن قرأت كل المداخلة لأنها طويلة جدا الان عندي شوية ملاحظات : - أولا: أنت تقول:

(yeah it will suck like the rest, will get 200 readers only like all my long posts but thats beside the point, I write for me). غلطان انت بتكتب للتاريخ أولا معلهش هي دي الحقيقة..على الأقل في نظري

ثانيا: the trouble is the ikhwan avoided protests until we did them.

Ikhwan are doing them all the time... the difference is in "some" - but important - factors: - You do it in streets, they do it inside walled closed places like universities, syndicates - they are older than you, so you came after their example has been already established - You use extreme language, while they tend not to exceed a certain level, accepted by most Egyptians, even non-political

I am not Ikhawni, Alaa..but I always like to give the right credit to the right people, ok ;-)

ثالثا: ذكرت مامتك أكتر من مرة.. من هي هذه المرأة الشجاعة؟ وذكرت ان والدك ظل بالسجن خمس سنوات..

ممكن تعرفنا على الوالد والوالدة؟ نبذة مختصرة وصورة لو تكرمت.. شوقتنا لمعرفتهم

والله ما أقذر هؤلاء اللي يهاجموا امرأة كبيرة كوالدتك!!!

صحيح.. اخص!

Comment to Alaa's post: Okay...this is my second post. Obviously my firt post, wasn't in in taste of this sites administrators. It's okay. I admit I wasn't using a politely tone. But sometimes, when writing on the net, you forget, it's actual real people, behind the screen in cyberspace. Okay, that's not the whole truth, but sometimes, you just write straight ahead, what whatever is in your head. I got a bit angry, becouse the pictures you have in your post, doesn't reflect the things you have writing. It is some picture of some officers, that's for sure, but it can be used as evidence, as what you have experienced. It does not show: 1. The officers kicking you 2. The officers beating your mom 3. Your broking foot 4. Your broking glasses

Maybe I'm sounding suspicious, but mabe it's becouse I live in a country, where the police is the good guys, who are protecting you. And I have trouble with believe what you wrote. If I had experienced what you had, then I would document it with photos, of all my broosed and beating marks on my body. My broking glasses, my broking foot ect. Something, to back up my story... If you really experienced this, what you wrote, I know I would be angry and sorry if people didn't believe me. But can you see what I mean, from my perspective? You have to have something concrete evidence, to back up your story. I must admit, you write very well. But you have some arab words that I don't understand. If you want to have other people from other contries, to be able to read the complete, and whole post, you have to write everything in english, withouth any arab words.

The arab words: شتايم 2olal (قلال ) (رئيس مباحث جنوب القاهرة) بق أم الشتايم

I'm a bit geeky guy too, so I can feel what it would feel like to get ones laptop stolen. It's like loosing an arm. But I think, if I went to a demonstration, I wouldn't carry my laptop with me. It's too valueable, too many people at a demonstration ect.