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tomorrow Tuesday the 19th I will be giving an introductory session about using Drupal at the Sawy Cultural Center (al Sakia) in zamalek from 5:30pm to 8:30pm.

the session is part of EGLUG's July activities, while most EGLUG acitvities are focussed on GNU/Linux systems this session is for anyone and requires no previous knowledge of any web technology save for knowing how to use your browser.

Drupal is a powerful Free/Open Source content management system that can be used to build anything from simple blogs to full fledged portals or community websites.

we are also offering free drupal hosting on manalaa

come watch drupal in action and learn why blogspot sucks.


Will you post the session material (presentation, tutorial) on the web after the session

the session is a hands on session where the attendants work directly on computers, there is no presentation or slides.

as for tutorial the drupal website has handbooks they're not bad, and recently the drupal community is putting alot of effort in improving them.

it would be a good idea to translate the handbooks or write a short arabic drupal tutorial but I don't have the time, energy or skill to do it myself, would be glad to help anyone who volunteers though.