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muslim brotherhood

منعم ومجموعة المعهد الزراعي يبدأون إضراباً مفتوحاً عن الطعام

عبد المنعم محمود ورفاقه في قضية معهد التعاون الزراعي يبدأون اضراباً مفتوحاً عن الطعام بسجن المحكوم

من مدونته أنا اخوان

ألف تحية للأخوان ... ألف تحية للأخوان ... in solidarity with the brotherhood

أناديكم.. أشد على أياديكم
وأبوس الأرض تحت نعالكم
وأقول أفديكم

وأهديكم ضيا عيني
ودفئ القلب أعطيكم
فمأساتي التي أحيا
نصيبي من مآسيكم

Who would have thought being released would be more horrific than being detained? the 14 hours I spent in Omraneya police station as part of my release process where definitely the worst hours of my life. one cell, over 700 detainees, most of them armed with switchblades and similar tools, most of them on drugs, more than half of them with long criminal records. I spent 8 hours standing in one spot, fighting with some of the most dangerous criminals in the district just to retain that little spot that could barely fit my feet.

I tried to force my mind to focus on happy positive thoughts, thoughts of loved ones did not help they ended up in feelings of betrayal (how could they abandon me like this for the whole night, they could have visited me and pressured the police officers or at least gave me money to buy my safety with). and then I remembered the ikhwan (muslim brotherhood) youth I met in the state security prosecutor cell last Tuesday.

rationally speaking it makes sense to try and cooperate with the muslim brotherhood, but knowing your politics is not the same as personal human experience.

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