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Tangential Politics

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I'm always surprised at the way media simplifies politics to the point of misinformation.

worst thing is even independent and personal media tend to take very shallow looks at issues.

take for instance the current debate about elections in Egypt, we are told that the whole constitutional amendment was a big sham because it was announced after voter registration period was over.

The truth is current legalization states that voters need to register to vote in Parliament elections, Shora council elections and local council elections. however you could vote in presidential elections using your national ID, passport or equivalents (professional syndicate ID etc).

so this must mean that we will be able to vote afterall?

nope thats another simplification, clause 76 in the constitution is concerned with voting procedure since this clause is being amended there is no telling what the procedure will be, not to mention that the law governing political rights will also be amended before elections.

hmmm more about that later.