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state terrorism Part 2

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They did it again

it's the 25th of May all over, today security forces and thugs attacked peacful protesters, extreme violence, at least two activists had to go to the hospital due to severe injuries, women where sexually harrased again, cameras where confisicated, journalists attacked, around 30 where arrested at least 23 are still in custody and they might be charged and get to spend a few weeks in prison.

Al jazeera managed to show few minutes of footage from the arrests that clearly show the violence, Al Hurra or Al arabia (can't remember which) recorded the sexual harrasment and violence against women but security confisicated the tapes.

I was lucky enough to avoid all this, the university vigil kept me bussy for 20 minutes and I arrived after it was over. this means I'm safe, but it also means I got no photos to show you state terrorism

we held a sit-in in and protest in the journalist syndicate demanding they release the prisoners, they released 6 or so.

tomorrow at 12 there will be a protest in front of the prosecutor نائب العام

might wite more later. got to sleep now.


This video has some good shots: Go to and search for "Chaos in Egypt"

I was reading your website, and I was upset and angry at the reports of abuse and violence towards women and innocent people

I hope this violence stops and that you get the outcome that you want

our thoughts are with you