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Archive for June 2004

Anti Torture Demonstration

Today is the International Day in Support of Torture Victims, we had a small demonstration in cairo today, this is probably the first anti-torture demonstration in ages and frankly it SUCKED although the people where very receptive to the topic, should I be happy that we finaly had a public demonstration about this? should I be angry at the bad organization? I probably have no right to complain alot since I didn't help in organizing at all.

Oh well check the Photos.

Egyptians are actually happy their monarch is sick, some of the slogans where against the ruling family, here is a clip in divx and mpg formats.

I may get around to writing a rant about why the demonstration sucked one day.

New Egyptian GNU/Linux user group

Its official, we started a ?NewEgyptianLug eglug, the fork was abit ugly but things cooled down now, this is a very exciting project, we're going to try to do things differently, very differently, we're aiming for a very dynamic ever changing website, for a very open and democratic process (almost anrchist even) and of course lots of fun.