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Archive for May 2004

letters from children of Brazil refugee Camp

When you recieve an email that starts with "Hello I'm still alive" in a serious tone; not to indicate that its been long time since the last email, its almost always an email from Palestine. Today we recieved an email from ?WaelZahab who is working in ?BrazilCamp in Rafah, he says the situation is very bad, he feels the world is too ?BoredWithTheOldNews to care. ?WaelZahab sent us a these BrazilCampLetters written by 13-14 years old kids living there, please spread them around.

discovered Drupal

Alaa finaly launched the M20Website, started work on a NewLinuxEgyptWebsite both based on the almost perfect DrupalCms.

  • M20 movement
  • Experimental Linux Egypt Website
  • Drupal CMS

Maybe we'll use DrupalCms for this page one day, we're too busy with exams at the moment though.

Mozilla bloated but at least arabic works

NastyMozillaBug finally fixed and its all because of Alaa :-P all one needs is a slashdot interview

Slashdot Interview

SlashDotInterview turned out to be a great success, Alaa is a famous guy now, everyone loves him, this time there was almost no racism (we must have misjudged slashdotters then) and very few trolls even though we got 530+ comments. Alaa met wonderful people, made new friends, got invited to Orkut and we did not get slashdotted.

The Interview

Candid history of Linux Egypt

Past ?InstallFest ephuria inspired Alaa to write AlaasStoryWithLinuxEgypt, this turned out to be quite a long story, hopefully it will be edited one day to become more readable.

slashdot interview???!!!

Yay Alaa is famous; slashdot is doing an interview with him .

Man look at the racist comments, we never could stomach slashdot, the trick ?MadFarmAnimalz tells us is to browse at +5!!!.

Anyway this is the first time we expose ourselves to racism (is this how it feels to be black, female, homosexual, jewish, copt, palestinian.... hell its probably even worse), but what scares us the most is how misinformed slashdotters are,maybe we should start a ?SlashDottersGuideToEgypt one day.

come to think of it this is probably a good idea, I doubt you can find a photo of an ?EgyptianBus or an ?EgyptianClassRoom on the web.

first Installfest in Egypt

We where not organized, we did everything wrong, it was a great mess, it was the best day in my life, it couldn't have been better, the 1st ?LinuxEgypt ?InstallFest was a great success, we got around 3000 visitors, had a great time and we're completley burned up. ?InstallFest website @ Photos @ The wiki where we organized everything @ Communication with ?InstallFest visitors @ Slashdot report @