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Archive for April 2004

Most stupid egyptians

Today I was googleing to see how visible is our ?InstallFest, one of the results was this ingenious example of ReverseSpam, I'm sure the poor irish lug now hates all egyptians. anyway this prompted me to start a MostStupidEgyptians page, Mr. ?IbrahimHassan is my first candidate, if darwin is to be believed he must be dead by now.

sniffing the gentle winds

Ahh celebrated the ancient rites of ?ShamAlNesim by spending a couple of relaxing day @ the beach, no swimming weather but I managed to get a tan anyway. and for the first time in my life there was no competition over ?AlBatarekh Sham Al Nesim Photos


so we're finaly having an ?InstallFest in egypt. its an interesting experience to plan and organize a big event like this through a WikiWikiWeb, check

1st of may at al Sakya cultural center.


finaly gave up on ever doing the webpage thing, I'll use a WikiWikiWeb for the moment, maybe ?Manal has time to make us a theme.

Linux Egypt wiki

set up a pilot LinuxEgyptWiki hopefully this will solve all ?LinuxEgypt problems and help me find the ?CureForCancerWonder

Zagazig GNU/Linux seminar

Went to Zagazig to give presentation for ?LinuxEgypt, finaly solved the mystery of the TwoSidesOfMohammedYousif .