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حكايا الوراجي في الخليقة

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God must have created us in Perl, but couldn't she add more comments??


it's her choice of programming paradigm that really worries me. god gave no thought to the poor maintenance programmer at all.

Do you really think the script was pre-written; or we were made by a set of commands on a debugger window that crashed in the middle? R

sorry ,but i wanted nothing

انا لو فاهم حاجه ارد على طول



I'd settle for lousy style anyday.

What we have here, ladies and gentlemen, is an extreme case of obfuscation!

هو إنتوا لسّة ماخلصتوش الوراجي ؟! ايه ؟! جايبين معاكوا كام برميل ؟

That's funny, I think there are comments, but the point is that it is Closed Source :)

يا اخونا حرام عليكم العملية بقت عاملة زى الفنكوش انا واحد فهمى على ادى اية وفين الاقى معلومات عن المحروق اللى اسمة الوراجى والا هوا سييم بتلموا بية الخلق من على القهاوى؟

"she"?!! :|