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U left me on Pause

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Every time u travel without me, I know that I'll have plenty of free time.. I can do all the delayed mashaweer, visits and tasks.. I start planning my busy schedule and write notes with events, calls, dates.. spend a lot of time trying to fit all these things in the few days u r not here..

And as soon as u leave, I just lose interest in doing anything, in going out, attending meetings or concerts, shopping, watching movies, ..

Even afraid of seeing friends.. I think I'll feel more lonely when doing the things we do together without u.

This doesnt mean that I dont go out and do stuff.. but I have to push myself to wake up and get ready and go out, and it's only to pass the time.

How the hell do some people live without a companion???

Love u.


My goodness, you are so amazingly lucky to have found someone, and married, who you feel like this about. And Alaa's lucky as hell to have someone like you! You took my breath away with this post. AAHHH! I hope you never lose those feelings... Most people living without companions put a lot of our energy into looking for someone who we can feel that way about.

I hereby admit that I'm lucky, and that I wake up everyday wondering why I should be so lucky.

oh and you should see me when she travels and leaves me, a total mess I tells ya.

thanx :-))

I know I'm very lucky, I wish it for all ppl

ya 3am ya 3am ;) rbna yekhaleko l ba3d yarab w mayfara2kosh 3an ba3d abadan ya mobkhat yabn el mobkhattt hahahahahahaha lol

rbna yekhaleko l ba3d w isa yege yom tetmata3o b ba3d we baladna masekha wa7d menena mesh taghoot ebn 7arameya

god bless both of u

Help Set Egypt Free

That's my life everyday :(

How the hell do some people live without a companion ?

Because they didn't fucking find one! That's why.

But yes. I know how it feels. Especially when I have to go home every Friday and I know I'll spend the weekend alone.

طيب ياللا شد حيلك بقه و شوفلك عروسة :P

أنت عارف يا مسامير ان موضوع أنك يكون لك رفيق في الحياة خلاني اتفهم تماما الجواز التقليدي أو ما يطلق عليه جواز الصالونات.. مش كل الناس محظوظة أنها تلاقي حبيب بس على الأقل ممكن يكون لها رفيق.

مسامير لما تشوكك :-)

يا بنتى لو الناس كلها اتجوزت فانا مقطوع منى النصيب و ماحدش يفهمنى غلط!!

I think all you need to do is to push the fast-forward button and MOVE ON...

well I'm trying, and I'm think I'm doing better each time.. in getting some things done, and having a bit of fun.

but it's never the same.


I have never read/heard anything like this before, it is beautiful. And Alaa ya ba7'tak ya 3am :D. Best of luck in your marriage and may your mutual love last forever.

and rabena yesam7ek ya Manal 2alebty 3lena el mawage3 :D.

ح اعتبر انك قلتي اه


انت بتقطعي لي قلبي ليه؟

انا عيطت وانا بقرا البوست

في ايه انا مش باحب تقطيع القلب

اكتمي بقى احسن تتحسدوا

انا شايفة حد بينبر عليكوا وعمال يقول لك يا محظوظة والكلام ده

ايه يا عمي

قل اعوذ برب الفلق

مش تخمس وانت بتتكلم؟

بقرا و بكتب عربي كمان :)

ايه يا جدعان متعملوش متي بتاع و أنا مبعرفش اكتب اصلا.. اللي تقولي عيطت و برث تاكينج و مقريتش حاجة بالشكل ده.. لأ بقولكوا ايه.. لموا الدور


الكلمه ان خرجت باحساس صادق مست شغاف القلب و طالبت دموع العين بالالتحام معها


/me plush

أخجلتم تواضعي

That was very nice :) ايه الرومانسية دى كلها

...And thank you for sharing it with us:)

You are both lucky, Alaa and you:) And we are happy we met you, lucky people!

Huggin' you both, and with lots of love: Michel (& Ani)