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Mubarak visits Euorpe

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It was announced in Cairo on Thursday that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak will hold a European tour which will cover Italy, Germany and France, starting Monday 17 May and lasting for four days.

This visit will take place while more than 188 Egyptian activists (Islamists, Socialist, Liberals, and Nasserites) have been arrested the Past two weeks for their Support for an Independent Judiciary and Against the extension of Emergency Law. As they remain in custody under inhumane conditions with more than 37 of them on hunger strike...this is a Call on Activists of all affiliation to Protest Against Mubarak's visit to their country

Show Your solidarity with democracy activists in Egypt and Demonstrate in Front of the Egyptian Embassies in FRANCE, ITALY and GERMANY demanding the immediate release of our colleagues.


Well i'm in Paris ... I'd like anyone who lives here to contact me so we can arrange sthg .

I live in Rome, I am very interesting to what happen in Egypt, I am available to give my support, what we can do to help our great country ? Hoda

ازاى نقدر نستفيد من زيارته دى احنا الى عايشين فى مصر مش بس الناس الى موجوده بره ياريت لو تبداء حمله لكشف جرائم الحكم المصرى فى الدول دى ولو عن طريق الاميلات لصحف , مواقع حكوميه , مواقع شعبيه اى حاجه ..... ياريت حد يحط اميلات منظمات زى دى ويبقى فيه رسائل بكل اللغات نقدر نبعتها . يمكن تكون فكره هايفه بس ده الى جه فى بالى. ربنا معاكى و معانا. حسبى الله ونعم الوكيل.

Just a quick correction: Mubarak is already in Europe this week. I think there's been some confusion around dates, but according to al-ahram, he already did Rome and is heading to Berlin today (May 10).


I am Benni from Germany :)

If anyone is in paris plz contact me so we could arrange sthg