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Waking up

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is actually admiting that he is not there..very hard


Be strong girl!

قريبا يخرج، النظام قارب لحظة الموت، لن يستمر هذا النظام اكثر من هذا، ولكن هذا الاعتقال سيكون صفحة مشرفة في كتاب حياته...

Hang on in there, there are many people around the world who are thinking of you right now and doing what they can to help. Kind regards K from Oslo

My heart and thoughts with both of you. Stay strong. You will pass this. You will remember these days and smile. They cannot hurt him. The whole world is watching.

عمر السجن ما غير فكرة .. عمر القهر ما اخر بكرة

قلتها له عندما وصله طلب الحضورلمباحث أمن الدوله منذ شهور وأقولها لك مبروك كنت أعرف ان ذلك سوف يحدث ليس بسبب مبارك ولكن بسبب وليد الدس لماذا لان مبارك أنتهى هذه سلطة جديدة تأسس لعهد طاغية حقيقى فمن يحكم من وراء الستار الأن مجموعة من المجرمين على رأسهم جمال مبارك وزبانيته ما نراه تهور وارثين نشأوا وترعرعوا على السلطه وأصدار الأوامر كالملوك لا يطيقون من يرفع رأسة لآنهم واطين ، مبارك سمسار وعميل باع الكل وباع رصيد مصر الأستراتجى من الكرامة بمشاركته فى كل الأجنده الأمريكية حتى على حساب أمن مصر القومى ورصيدها الحضارى الحضارة بمعنى المواقف والقيم نظام تابع ذليل لايليق بشعب أبى وكريم نظام أسلم نفسة تماما لأن هذة هى الطريقة الوحيدة للبقاء فى الحكم علاء سواء اتفقت او أختلفت معه أنسان واضح وآبى وصادق يدهشك بصدقة مع نفسة يكرهه من يكرهون أنفسهم لأنه يواجههم بها بكل عبلها وغيها وضعفها ولا تغضبى من من يشمتون فعندما تريد ان يكون لك دور فى الحياه يكرهك الذين يحبون الحياة وعندما تطالب بالحرية يكرهك الذين يخافون الحريه من الطغاة ومن المسوخ الذين تضعهم الحرية امام مسؤلياتهم تضعهم وجها لوجه أمام خزيهم وأستمرائهم للذل والعبودية وأقول لك واثقا أيضا لا تخافى لاينبغى الخوف فى لحظة الحقيقةعلاءيدفع ضريبة الحرية التى يحلم بها والحرية مهرها غالى وهى أيضا لا تعطى ولاتشترى ولكن تأخذ عنوة وتبقى بشروطها وهى ان يكون مستحقها مستعد دائما للموت فى سبيلها سوف يخرج قريباوسوف يحكى عن حضن بهية وكيف كان دافئا

Of course it is hard...noone feels the same like you coz, no matter how bitter we all feel it differently...but you gotta admit..realize...and act accordingly...might be "it sure is" the toughest thing in the world..but ma3lesh...hang on...grasp ur threads...and ISA...he will be out soon...soon awi kaman..


قطعتي في قلبي و الله يا بنتي معلش كلها 15 يوم مش هيتمد له اكتر .. بس اكيد كنتي متوقعه ان ده هيحصل .. خليكي راجل اليومين دول مع اني مش بحبكم بس متعاطف معاكم

انت عارفة اكتر من غيرك يا منال انه بيدفع ضريبة اختياراته، ومهما اتكررت الظروف ولو عنده فرصة يختار من جديد هيختار نفس الاختيارات

rabna y2weky w enty mesh lwa7dek kolena m3aky ya manal ISA 3ala2 w kol elee m3ah haytl3o 2oryb

فصبر جميل


Ahmed Elsebaey

قلبي معك

فرجه قريب يا يخرج با داخلين له كلنا

You do not know how much I admire all the promising young people in Egypt, with you and your husband on top of the list. You choose to fight an uphill battle rocking the despotic regime and the retrograde society. Taking on both of them at the same time indicates an ambitious wild spirit that can not be dented by these tough days. I am sure that after this vigorous transition period in Egypt you would be happy because you were agents of progress and that you did your best to bring it about.

Being outside Egypt during this time means that I could not participate in your noble struggle, however, to reduce slightly my feeling of shame and guilt I started to send e mails to 1- the international media like BBC, Aljazeera asking them to expose the police state of Mubarak

  1. - Minsters of foreign affairs in the western countries asking them to express their condemnation of such detentions and press Mubarak’s regime with whatever means they have to stop oppressing activists.

The martial law must be translated into foreign languages so that we can show to the world the brutal roles by which Mubarak is ruling Egypt. I know a couple of foreign languages but I can not translate a law eloquently. Do you know if any body has an English, French, German or Spanish Version of the law so that I attach it with my e mails?

maybe someone could tell the commenter how to contact Mr. Ahmed Seif (Alaa's father and a human rights lawyer) ?

isa he will be wz u so soon

So don't u worry. I just feel sad that there's not enough ppl that support this matter. Some sick ppl are just contagious and spread ignorance and stupidity among us. U really did it..! u really stood all the way to what u believe is true; right and fair.. i can count few ppl in history who did so..

لا أظن أحدا بامكانه أن يدرك مدى اللوعة التي تشعرين بها لكننا على الاقل نستطيع أن نتخيل لك مني كل التعاطف و المساندة و كل التمنيات بسلامة العزيز علاء

he will come back stronger than ever, or as we used to see him full of energy .

heey hero's wife .. be strong .. i know that its soo hard ..i feel u and i'm sufferin with u .. take good care Manal .. and forget about the shitty talks .. :'( .::I'LL iNJECT tHEM wITHA pOISON::.

These are my first days in reading these bloggers, I can't imagine what I'm reading, I'm always busy @ work, but is Egypt so bad like this?, Are we ruled by such monsters?, Is everything so ugly? I don't know what 2 say but I don't have anything to give except my sympathy and this let me despise myself. God bless u....

Your husband inspired me today, made me remember what it is I want to do with my life. I'm a DC College kid, and I plan on spreading the word about Alaa, and helping secure his release.

Keep your chin up! Egypt and Egyptians are close to my heart!! Freedom for them and all!

his pic is also on my website:

So I've walked Cairo's streets, and I've mixed my sweat with its exhaust, and its nile breezes.

You husband reminded me today what it is I want to do with my life. I plan on spreading the word here in Washington, DC .

Keep your chin up! and Free Alaa!

My best wishes for Alaa and for you during this difficult time although it may be hard to see .. this is a stop in the way to freedom there would be other stops and the more force .. the more resistance untill it would be too difficult for them ... the current of freedom will come from streams of resistance untill all the streams make out a big wave of freedom that will take everything away. They did not understand ... they underestimated it ... it will take them away and they will pay the price. Read history

freedom always come .. slow or fast ... quietly or strongly .... it does not matter

منال صحيح ان القوة اللى قفشت علاء كانت من بوليس الأداب