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Egyptians in the states protest demanding release of jailed egyptians

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Egyptian embassy and consulates Egyptian embassy and consulates in Washington, D.C., New York, Chicago and San Francisco

Activists in the U.S

From Shehab Fakhry


Demand Release of Jailed Egyptian Protesters!

What: Picket at the Egyptian Consulate! Where: 500 N. Michigan Ave., Suite #1900 When: Tuesday, May 9, 2006 at 12:30pm

Activists in the U.S . will picket the Egyptian embassy and consulates in Washington, D.C., New York, Chicago and San Francisco on Tuesday, May 9 at 12:30PM (local times) demanding the immediate release of all jailed pro-democracy protesters arrested from April 24–27, 2006, in Cairo. Dozens of opponents of Egypt's authoritarian government were assaulted and arrested after riot police attacked a demonstration in support of reformist judges who are challenging election fraud. Journalists covering the protests have been attacked and threatened by police, and in a separate incident, the chief of the Al Jazeera TV bureau has also been arrested.

The largest protests took place April 27 as two judges, Hesham al-Bastawissi and Mahmoud Mekky, were due to be brought before a disciplinary panel after they accused the government of fraud in parliamentary elections late last year—and charged fellow judges with complicity. President Hosni Mubarak's government put a massive number of cops on the street in Cairo—estimated at 10,000 by the New York Times, much larger than the force deployed in the Sinai after three bombing attacks earlier in the week.

One of the judges' supporters, Mohammed Sayed Said, told Al Jazeera, "This display of force is a return to the policies of oppression and to a police state. But all this will not succeed in reimposing a culture of fear. The people have already defeated it and they are ready to pay with their blood for democratic change," At least 50 activists were jailed and are expected to be held for 15 days, according to reports.

U.S. solidarity activists are joining others around the world to demand the immediate release of Egyptian democracy protesters, and an end to state repression of judges, activists and the media who have exposed electoral fraud, state violence and corruption.

Contact: Sherry Wolf, 773-991-3877 (Chicago)

For More information: Information from the Committee to Protect Journalists: Background on the judges' anti-fraud campaign from Human Rights Watch:


I just came from the protest in chicago. There was a toltal of 20 maybe mostly americans. The egyptian consulat would not meet with us, and the police refused any protestor entering the building. Finally one person went up and delivered a statment to be esclated to the egyptian presidency, laken tab3an hytl3 3ala amn dwlah wa a7'doh asm2na wa hntrw2 lama nenzl masr 3shan e7na 3omlah welad kalb.


I just came back from the demonstation in New York.

There were 10-15 people in the demonstration which was organized by a group of US citizens belonging to an international socialist organization. We picketed at the Egyptian consulate in New York from roughly 12:45 to 1:30 pm. Their demands as well as mine were freeing the pro-democracy activists, abolishing the emergency laws, independence of Egyptian judiciary and freedom of the press. And in general we wanted to show our support to the activists in Egypt and show that there is mounting international pressure on Mubarak's regime.

Slogans ranged from "This is Mubarak's democracy..nothing but hypocrisy" to "end the emergency laws now" and "what do we want: free the activists..when do want it: now." After picketing for a while me and another demonstrator went into the Egyptian consulates to give them our statements. I made sure to ask that my statement is delivered to Ambassador Nabil Fahmy in DC.

Earlier in the day I had faxed my statement to both Ambassador Nabil Famy and Public Prosecutor Counselor Maher Abd al Wahed.

Also similar protests took place at the Embassy in DC, Chicago and San Francisco.

Egyptians in four American states stage protests in support of detained activists

We held a march through Boston on Saturday the 30th of January and a protest on the 5th of February. Boston is not the only City where this happening. Almost all state capitals saw similar protests for Egypt and Egyptians. The World’s is watching and we are with you.

Tahia Misr, Aly