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Youssef found this.

seems like a normal story about some Plutonium leakage in Egypt, the real story is why its being promoted.

anyway the whole thing brought to memory some great Folkloric Nuclear stories.

The Needle

once upon a time a medical research lab in Cairo was doing its spring cleaning and decided to get rid of some radioactive material, the thing was to be transported with other waste and garbage in an open truck.

Murphy being the most fundemental law in the universe the needle fell from the truck, and was later found by a farmer.

The guy thought he found a treasure and burried the thing in his house, few weeks later the whole family dies.

government officials assure us the rest of the village was not affected at all and everything is allright.

I've no reference for this story, will try to google someday, but I remember Khaled Habib did a great radio show about this whole fiasco which had everyone in the village dying while denying anything happened.

The Box

Once upon a time in the happy kingdom of Cairo University the great sages of the faculty of science recieved a shipment of radioactive material for their research needs, buerocracy being what it is it took time to figure out who has the 3ohda (property responsibility) of the stuff and where it should be stored.

while waiting for these things to be resolved the stuff was stored in cardboard boxes and stacked together in the corner of some passage, it is said that in the breaks between lectures studends used to sit on these boxes.

again no references, this story is told by mom, a professor in faculty of science, Cairo University.