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My Personal Propaganda Campaign

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as you all know very well I'm well known and loved all over the world, and this naturally leads to many interviews and I get mentioned in all sorts of media outlets.

but three interviews in three consecutive days? thats a record.

I did a brief interview with the most daring most interesting el ghad radio directly after my small skirmish with nabil el ezabi, but unfortunately I failed to record that. (Ihab can you send me a copy of the interview? please?)

then on thursday after the streets are ours (will blog about it soon), Me, Manal, Amr Gharbeia and Nora where invited to el ghad radio for a lengthy interview on المعارضة النهاردة with al ghad's first lady.

and finally on friday I did a skypecast interview (I used my phone so you can't blackmail me for using proprietary software) with Ethan from globalvoices

my inflated ego aside I think the two ghad interviews where interesting, and you can download the big joint interview here:

you can hear download my globalvoices 45 minutes interview in mp3, I don't think this is interesting for anyone keeping up with egyptian politics or reading egyptian blogs regularly, but you'll probably find the other skypecast interviews very interesting, learn about the intricate details of far away countries from fellow bloggers.

The Essential Alaa People Like You Just Feul My Fire I'm Furious Yellow



I am a journalist with CBC radio in Canada. I read all the postings with great interest. Would it be possible to chat with Manal to hear your story. I can certainly reach you by telephone. I'm sorry to use this space but I find your story an important one to tell. Our network -



plz use the email for communication..u can email me on [email protected]

Hello Manal:

I have emailed many times to the address above but you haven't responded. Please, I am happy to talk to you or your lawyer to bring attention to your situation. Please feel free to contact me.


Thanks for all the information. I will certainly check out these sites but alas, we at CBC radio rely on old fashioned technology and need the telephone to do interviews. Can you assist?