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فيديو جديد من الأربعاء الأسود

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بعد التفجيرات الوحشية (الله يخرب بيت الارهاب على الارهابيين) في لندن مكسوف شوية وأنا ببعت ده بس أتأخر قوي على جهازي

تسجيل تاني من أحداث الأربعاء الأسود 25 مايو 2005

المقطع من 1:15 الي 2:20 باين فيه الضرب اللي اتعرضتله أنا و والدتي

another video of the events of black wednesday 25th of May 2005

the sequence from 1:15 to 2:20 shows part of what happened to me and my mother that day.

تسجيلات سابقة

previous recordings


I've tried several programs and none would play the file:

windows media player, media player classic, playa, BSplayer, vlc player, movie player

all failed except vlc which had audio but no video any suggestions?

you need to download an xvid or divx codec.

divx is now the defacto standard for distributing video files on the internet giving the best balance of quality and size (like what mp3 did to audio).

but like mp3 big companies are stupidly ignoring it ecause they have vested interests in other inferior codecs.

strange that vlc wouldn't play it though.

Instead of delving into conspiracy theories and how ubergeek you are with your defacto standards. Gah, everyone knows about divx and xvid. Just test the video, or at least read this.

The video doesn't work on mplayer on linux or vlc on linux. It is NOT xvid or divx.

Here are the results of idmedia


it works on mplayer here, it is generated by mencoder and I used the xvid command line option.

but you are right end result is not xvid, wtf??!!!

anyway will try to recode it and see.

turns out that divx xvid and FMP4 are all implementations of the same standard MPEG-4/AVI

now the streams are actually compatible but most players are geared towards certain 4 characters ID strings that say DIVX or XVID or DVX5 etc.

so if one manually changes the FMP4 string to XVID it just works without changing the video stream.

anyway updated the files with the proper string now.

i downloaded ffdshow and it works fine now

اللي عايز الكوديك عشان الفيلم يشتغل على الويندوز، ينزل الملف ده: