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Three of my 8 Free Drupal Hosting subscribers have launched their sites, ladies and gentlemen please check

I expect at least 2 more to be ready soon, after exams I'll migrate the other websites I host to this new platform.

but most bloggers refuse to move because they want their old blogspot content to move with them, I got good news for you folks I think I have a solution to migrating from blogspot to drupal, its a matter of writing a template to generates php code that will then insert the content into drupal, I have a skeleton template for dumping the data but not yet integrated with drupal.

soon I'll offer this service as part of my Free Drupal Hosting.

some of you want to migrate to WordPress and the free package @ BlogSome, this needs a bit of googling first, maybe there is a migration script out there, if not it would be trivial to write one, but I'm not familiar with wordpress internals so might take sometime.


I already launched my new blog Thank you Alaa for your hosting.