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if only democracy ...

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The School Board already dumped the African kids here and now they're bringing in the Arab kids without even telling us.

spoken like a true citizen of the only democracy in the middle east.

remember South Africa was also the only democracy in its region for a quite a while.


From the same article ...

But not all parents share this opinion. "This is outrageous," said one of the fathers. "We just don’t understand these parents. It's sad to realize we're living in a racist, ugly society. We welcome the Arab students."

The Ministry of Education and the Tel Aviv City School Board offered the following: " ... They have the right to attend Hagalil School, just as any other student living in the area. The parents' complaints are unjustified."

I don't understand why you only posted this part of the article. At least there are other parents who along with the Ministry of Education say all students have the right to attend the school. And at least, even if the other parents' comments were because of racist feelings, they are trying to hide that, saying it's because of concerns over the academic level.

In Egypt is this the case? Would they treat jews the same way in other countries? Hell, even Christians are suffering from racism.. Not only that, Egyptians treat Africans and darker people in general really badly they can't stay in the country and want to leave.. I think socially, yes Israel has higher standards than the rest of the countries in the region..