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seeing how most Egyptian bloggers are struggling with awful services like blogspot I decided to run a small free hosting service for Egyptian websites.

Now my original plan was to offer free WordPress hosting for very simple blogs and free Drupal hosting for the advanced blogger and other complex websites.

but since Blogsome is doing a good job offering free wordpress hosting, I'll just focus on drupal (the best thing that happened to the web since the introduction of CSS).

if you are an Egyptian, or if you live in Egypt or if you want to build a website about Egypt just send me an email

Drupal is a very powerful yet easy to use content management system, its specially suited but not limited to community websites, its standard compliant and has all the blogging, forum, protal, kitchensink features you can think of.

this is still in aleph phase, I plan to develop and evolve the service as the need arises.

Egyptian Blogs and personal websites running Drupal


Egyptian and Arabic websites running drupal


Example Drupal based websites

Drupal Based Services

stay tuned for more info


Thats really soo nice... very kind from u ;) i guess u can email the egyption bloggers @ blogspot to let them know about ur services.. and best luck ;)


You forgot to mention that there is the module that automatically switches the direction of text from right to left if it is in Arabic. And that drupal is translated in Arabic.

موقع جميل

guys, excuse my igrorance but i don't know what is this durbal??

hmmm go kill your optician.

the blog post above has a paragraph that defines drupal, a link that lead to the main drupal website and a bunch of links of webpages created with drupal.

if you still can't understand what drupal is then I assure you you don't need it, and it doesn't need you.

dear alaa, someone might need drupal but doesnt know because doesnt know what it stands for. your site might need to be a little more user friendly.. maybe too many clicks before getting to any definition in a language that is not familiar? but i heard you are in prison.. so maybe manal would answer this message? your energy is very admirable.. but this space for comunication needs to be open to people who are not at all familiar with this very very new tool. thanks for sharing.. molokheya

الجهل مش عيب يا جماعه يا ريت حد يكلف نفسه ويعمل ملف وورد ولا اي حاجه بالعربي يشرح فيها الوورد برس والدوربال والبرامج دي انا عارف هيه بتستخدم في ايه لكن بصراحه حتي بعد ما نزلته معرفتش حتي هوه بيتسطب ازاي ولا بيستخدم ازاي مع اني المدونه بتاعتي بحدثها بطريقة السايت اللي انشأتها فيه ف هل البرامج دي اقدر استخدمها بجانب التوولز اللي في السايت اللي انا مشترك فيه ولا ايه الموضوع

my e mail address [email protected]