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Creative Commons live on radio cairo

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I will be appearing live today on European Radio Service (95.4 FM) at 11:15pm, the program is called Urban Sounds

believe it or not I will not be talking about blogs, politics, or GNU/Linux instead I will be talking about Creative Commons and music.

we'll play some of my favorite open music (all under creative commons license).

anyone with an FM radio tuner please record this for me.

Tracks likely to be played



Do you know if they (European radio service?) broadcast on the internet? if not, are you going to make the interview available here if someone records it?

yeah of course I'll put it here if someone records it.

most of the show will be music that is available online anyway but still might be interesting.

they don't have an audio stream online :( strange enough have been trying to tell them to do so..but they keep on postponing it :S

check them out on

all the best

the website isn't bad and it should be fairly easy to webcast, I think negoom FM does it.

so did u like studio 3 ?? I was a couple of weeks ago ;) live to cairo. it's fun being there.

I was surprised how filthy the place was, I know this is government buildings and all but still I thought they got some money in the TV building.

it was fun overall though, I think it was a good show, I'm sure the regular listeners where shocked at my taste after hearing soo much death metal.

got a recording of most of it will post soon.

I missed the live show and I'm waiting for the recording.

Dear all,

Online transission is still to be added to, may be in the next season.

the site offers all the other services you will look for in a radio station.

but still the station's administration didn't decide to put the transmission.

not any thing technical :).

thank you.

Amir Elmeligi
Webmaster of

for any questions or suggestions plz. feel free to contact me on [email protected]