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Confirmed WiFi HotSpot Directory

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After the initial frustration with the lists of Open WiFi hotspots I decided to compile my own list.

originally I planned to merge all the various lists then start confirming them one by one, el mohem طلعت الشتيمة بتجيب نتيجة I recieved an email from some wayout employee telling me that they do update their list and that all discrepancies are due to an enthusiastic employee listing hospots that are still under construction (we all know how difficult it is to plug a dlink router) or due to spelling mistakes.

their new updated list now indicates which spots are still in planning (I asked in 3 places that are on the plan, the people there where not aware, well maybe there is value in surprise wifi).

so after eleminating obvious mistakes the spots that are not on the official wayout list are down to a handful

but not all hotspots are run by wayout, and some (man2osha in mohandesin) cut the service without informing wayout, so in the end we still need a decent directory and prefereably it should only list spots that we know work.

and so the Egyptian HotSpots section is born, anyone can contribute to this section, if you know of a spot please add it here.

P.S. WayOut plan to one day move to another model where you buy prepaid cards or something like that, so we'd better start looking for these non WayOut spots.


I don't understand Wayout's business plan khales. Wifi is a honeypot for customers with laptops, cafes should be paying not the customers.

Wayout is run by retarded fools.

if cafes can afford to spare 150LE a month they should just get dsl and run their own wifi service like arabica does, its not difficult and doesn't seem expensive to me.

According to the wayout list Al Azhar park turned to be in Heliopolis, akeed. Isn't it in the same road of El Baron palace.