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ما يجيبها الا نسوانها

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50-90 Women from Arish held a protest demanding the release of their male relatives improsined with no charges after the Taba Bombing.

the women there continue to show courage, I don't know why this is not recieving media attention, even the blogs missed it.

as usual I forget about Al Jazeera, their horrible HTML (it improved besara7a) and lack of RSS makes it easy, but hey at least they didn't do like the BBC and put a photo of the bombed taba hotel with the article.


But they did not release those people yet. i have friends from Arish and they refused to talk about what the government do there! They are afraid

God with them All.

I know they didn't, it shows you how sad our situation is when I consider 50 women daring to even stage a small protest a big event.

the people in Arish are scared and they dare not speak out, the problem is they should speak out, believeing that speaking out will bring you more trouble is ridicolous, the police will torture them whenever it pleases them, there is nothing you can do to incite them and nothing you can do to prevent them, they're in total control they choose when and who to brtualize.

على المصريين أن يثوروا فلن يخسروا الا جراحهم