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Letter to Om Khaled

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Om Khaled,

My partner, my friend, my half, my all, my love, the mother of my child, my support in life. I MISS YOU I LOVE YOU.

The only reason I can bear being separated from you is your support.

I just got the photos, I'm confused about my feelings now but I'm mostly happy. It's so unfair that I can't be with you to comfort you, it's so unfair that I wait for you to get well and get back to comforting me. It is beyond unfair that I can't hold Khaled for hours the way I've held countless other babies, I gave so much love and attention to sons and daughters of friends and family. Yet I can't do the same to my own child.

I wonder how old will Khaled be when I finally get out of here, I wonder what else I will miss? His Sobo3? The first time he grips your fingers? The moment you realize he is focusing his eyes on you? Or is going to be even worse and I'll miss his first smile?

What does it feel to hold him? How does he smell? How does he sound when cries?

My son, our son, our little Khaled.

I showed the photos to everyone in the cell, they're genuinely happy for me but like everything in this cell it is all subdued, made me feel more alone and lonely.

I've been thinking a lot about our life in South Africa the bliss of just being together having an easy comfortable life, yet still doing good work. We used to comment a lot on how Egyptian youth only aspire for a home and a family and a job to support them. Turns out as usual al sha3b got it right, the day we can enjoy just being a family in Egypt while secure in the future, content in our comforts and fulfilled in our jobs is the day that revolution is complete.

Until then we'll make do by sticking together facing whatever life throws at us, knowing that as long as we are all one all is fine.

I miss you so much it hurts, I guess you know the feeling, I'm overwhelmed by how unfair it is, how meaningless it has become at this stage, but I know we are both in good hands, Khaled is blessed with the unconditional love of not just his parents but large extended families and hundreds of aunts and aunties, I hope he grows to appreciate it all. Alaa,
cell 6/1 ward 4
Tora prison


ان شاء الله فرجه قريب ونصره ان شاء الله

Alaa, i hope you'll join ur little family very soon. Until then, keep well my friend. We need you strong and courageous like you've always been. Rabbina ma3ak.

it is just a matter of time for your family reconciliation Alaa then you will return with more love,stories and strength to your wife and baby . may be those who are responsible for your (and not only you) misery know one day how it feels to be separated from beloved ones . and am sure this is too close as judgment has to run its course at last on earth before heaven . stay strong and know that there is here a lot of support,prayers and love for you . waiting for you "freed" to reply to my comment and it is ahead i clearly see it . wish for you and your family serenity in these hard times

  1. freeAlaa #frEemaikel #freeEgypt #nOsCaF

برغم بساطة هذه السطور وطبيعية الالم الطاغى عليها الا انها كبيرة جدا وعميقة جدا ان نعى كم الظلم الجاثم على قلوبنا حين نفتقد ونعجز عن القيام بابسط تصرفات الحب والحنو العادية تجاه ابنائنا قديما كنا نبكى وننتحب اطفال فلسطين ايتام القهر الصهيونى قهر محتل عدو واليوم القاهر يدعى الحب ويتظاهر بالمودة ويتصنع الصدق حقا لا يستطيع احد ولا يملك مخلوق تعويضكما سواء ابو خالد بعده عن ولده او حرمان زوجته من وجوده فى لحظات حياتيهما الخاصة المرتبطة باول مولود لهما ولكن ستكون اول ابتسامة يراها علاء على وجه خالد هى اول ابتسامة حقيقية لخالد حتى وان لم يعى هو ذلك ستكون ابتسامة نصر خروجه وحريته وانتصار احلامه لنفسه ولمن حوله واذكرك بكلامك لديكما عائلة كبيرة جدا جدا وبها مشاعر صادقة محبة لثلاثتكم

I am deeply moved by your letter. I pray for your freedom and that of all political prisoners. I hope you will be reunited with your loved ones soon.


First of all, I want to congratulate you both on Khaled. I saw his pictures on Internet and felt as if a near relative got his first child. He is a pretty baby and will grow to be a wonderful person like his mother and father, I am sure.

I hope that Alaa will get out soon and enjoy life with Manal and Khaled. I hope also that every prisoner for unjust causes gets out soon and joins his loved ones ya Rabb! (say Ameen!)

I also hope that all arabic lands become a piece of paradise, where one can live happily and peacefully without fear of death or prison.

Your reader, friend and supporter from Yemen Yasmin Hamied Al-Iriani

no words would ever say what i felt reading your letter.... god bless you alaa, begad you are a real man who deserve nothing less than respect.. you made me cry wallahy by that letter

Very effective message....

We will never let this revolution lose, Alaa and all the other sufferers who sacrificed and still do everyday for all people's rights, will never be left by Allah firstly, nor us secondly...

Freedom to all... isA the people will win at the end, simply we cant afford disappointment or holding on continuing the road of this revolution, for us, for them, for the dead, for all, and before all of them, for Allah... because he will never forgive who didnt and doesnt object on the injustice in this Donia...

dear manal, alaa and little Khaled, I don't know what to write or how to express my sorrow and pain of what is happening to you, but, to be honest, the pain is becoming the theme of our lives these days following what is happening to people in Egypt, and how the injustice became the norm. It is hard for us, being away from Egypt to follow all this and know that what we can do is only virtual. But we pray a lot, sometimes I feel that may be God is protecting Alaa by keeping him in prison in the middle of all what is happening!! Dear virtual friends, I knew you for a long time now, i was following you here in this space and I used to laugh and be sad with you all the last years. Despite being older, I have learnt a lot from you and from lots of others bloggers ....

I wish you a bright future, a better one for Khaled and for all of Egyptian... and down with the SCAF

really i can't find words to describe what i feel ,, i'm so proud of you and your family ... keep fighting all of us behind you ... isa you will get your freedom very soon ,god bless you and your beautiful wife and your little khaled .

I heard that you are free today. My wish is that: whatever the world throws at you, your family and your beloved country, Egypt, you'll always be able to find that place in yourself that knows the difference between right and wrong & connect to things that are good. Even if they just seem simple things.

And especially today I wish you, Manal and your son a day that is so blissful and full of good that it will fill all of you with inspiration for the direction you want Egypt to take.

With greetings from Holland, eMirjame

إهداء إلى علاء عبد الفتاح :

مــبــروك يــا لـؤلـؤ يـا إبـن الـناس
يــا لــولــي و مــعــقـود مـع مـاس
يــا جـنـاح عـصـفـورة و قــــوة تــور
يــا كــلــمــة أهــم مــن الـدســتـور
يــا عـنـيـد زى مـا مـصر عـنـيـدة
يــومــاتــي بـيـقـتـلـوا عـيـل لـيـها
و هــي تــقــدم شــهـــدا جــديــدة
مــاحــدش مــاســك ذلــة عـلـيـها
و الـــواد إبــنــك لـيــه مــحـتــار
مش عارف النونو إزاي يحسبها
شـــافـــه أبـــوه بــيـــن الأســوار
و الــحــريــة شــامــم ريــحــهــا
ولــيــد الـعـدل أو إبــن الــنــار ؟
عــمــال فــي دمــاغــه يـقـلـبـهـا
لـسـة فـي بـيـضـة و طـالـع برة ؟
قـولــه يـا واد إنــت إبـن الـثـورة

عمر فؤاد

مبروك يا علاء من كل قلبي

Mabrouk Alaa. Mabrouk Om Khaled. Mabrouk Khaled and be proud of your father

Hi Alaa,

We are happy me and my husband to see you free !! we hope all youth is free in Egypt. We are a european egyptian couple and I saw you in Tahrir but I was too shy to talk to you. Take goooood care of Khaled and hope we can see you one day in Cairo. Cheers and we love Egypt.

Painful and inspiring........

Dear Allaa,

We do not know each other, but I know about you through Front Line Defenders. I write letters on be halve of people who have been unjustly treated by authorities, or whose rights have been violated in some way.
So, one day I wrote a letter to the Egyptian authorities on be halve of Allaa Abd El Fatta, an Egyptian blogger and human rights defender.
I save all the updates on your case.
So I just read that you have been convicted to 15 years' imprisonment. That is ridiculous, cruel, senseless, etc.!

I wish you strength! If I can have your address, I could sent you a letter or should I just write to you through your blog?

Jeanet Groenink