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I have a tendency to involve myself in way too many things, natural outcome is of course not achieving anything.

the past year was unique, I was focused and determined, and managed to achieve alot, I've been generally content (even happy at times) and I'm quite proud of myself.

but I'm slipping back into my old pattern of confusion again, I don't really follow a plan, as you can clearly see from my EGLUG todo list.

so in a lame attempt to reign in and take control here is a public todo of my public activities


EGLUG specific todo list

  • get back to adding WiFiHotspots (convince others to join in)
  • add photos to galleries
  • review ancient content from the pre-drupal days, save anything relevant
  • get manal to make a nice colorful theme (she is working on it but very slowwwwwly)
  • get someone to make a nice pink dragon logo (this one is stolen)
  • write about Annosoor and EGLUG experiments in democracy
  • write some review about Creative Commons music I bought
  • finish collecting Ahdaf Soueif's articles and publish the thing.

Citizen journalism

drupal hosting

  • test new stable modules
  • blogger migration script for drupal 4.7
  • write arabic tutorials (maybe translate from bryght)
  • finish arabic drupal glossary
  • clean up bidi module and move to contrib repository


  • organize a meeting with a bunch of interested people to discuss citizen journalism and how to promote it
  • organize training sessions on CMS systems, blogs, wikis etc
  • work with NGOs, political groups, artists etc to build them dynamic websites


  • Write something that explains what is the aggregator to begin with and how it works
  • turn the latest blogs thing into an RSS feed
  • sync aggregator with
  • automate synchronization between aggregator and
  • implement free tagging system
    • tag favorite blogs and favorite blog posts
  • implement dig like rating system
  • add comments on aggregator pages of blogs that disable them



Democracy Movement

  • create the why kefaya website
    • collect well written accounts on domain specific problems relating to corruption, lack of transparency, security interference etc
    • link between freedom to organize and development
  • explore concept of slim government within a practical socialist context
  • implement reasonably secure encrypted forums for groups wanting to talk secretly
  • implement a secure livecd for activists using net cafes

WOW I'm sure I'll never get most of this done. but hey beats feeling bored (I don't remember ever feeling bored outside of school). and I might be able to get alot of the web stuff done.


my todo list:

_Transfer my todo list from my brain, where it is constantly shape-shifting, into paper and stick to that;

_Stop reading blogs and work.

If you're going to talk someone into adopting Wiki to organise their knowledge, then you may consider SaharaSafaris: big number of contributors (1200 and counting); lots of content (6000+ emails, not all of useful knowledge); messy and still living the Yahoo! Groups revolution.

since I don't know anyone involved, why don't you talk to them yourself (and offer a bit of your expertise).

First let me tell you that I ve learnt a lot from all your ideas and what you write. and that this site is a real treasure of information about all what is happening in Egypt, that can't be find anywhere else. Great work really.

I know it has nothing to do with the article but I wanted to know how my blog can join your egyptian blogs, I tried to send you an email but it comes back to me all the time...


hi there

i think both of you had done brilliant work here and i`d like to share you with my work as i think we all have to be united toghether .. my site is .. GOOD LUCK ALWYAS