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Alaa got a 3rd 15 days

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We spent the whole day today in front of the state security prosecution office.

Asmaa, Ahmed Abdel Ghafar and Ahmed Abdel Gawad got released...

Alaa, Rasha and Nada got a renewal of another 15 days (they have already spent 30 days in prison)

Renewing them another 15 days could go on forever.

yesterday I didnt know what I'll do if Alaa doesnt get released...

I will go cook for tomorrow's visit


rabbena yesabbarek we ye7'arago 3ala 7'eir 2orayyeb isA

Manal, I cant say anything that will make this better or even easier for you, coz i cant think of any words that can do this. I am very sorry and very helpless. I think sometimes prison is harder on those who love you dearly then it is on you, i wouldnt know for sure though. :(

la 2elah 2ella 2allah...u put me in a very bad mood, i met Alaa only once and i feel this bad about this, i cant start to imagine how you feel.

All i wanna say in the end is that for sure, for sure, he is gonna come out enshallah, and probably when you least excpect it, then and only then, all this will just be a memory...and both of you will be the happiest 2 in the world enshallah...ya rab ya just keep thinking of that moment, and be patient till it comes (i know, easier said then done)...

Alaa, keep your hopes up and think of Manal, you have a Manal waiting for you outside... :) Think of her, and how to make it easier for her, coz this is probably just as hard for her and your family, i think if you look at it this way, it might give you more strength to get through this.

I feel like a coward giving you advice from far away, unfortunately this is all i can do...for now.

2allahom la nas2alak rad 2al kada2, walaken nas2alak 2al lotf feeh.

Be patient ya Manal .. be patient please. law e7tagty ay 7aga ,, e7na gambik

You have to effect a change to gain one. Complacency will not get Alaa out of detention, a deliberate campaign would. If anyone has an idea she/he should publish it. Ms.Manal, I suggest you contact in the US with the story, I believe Amy Goodman, one of the most respected civil right and pro democracy radio talk show will be very interested. See for an interview or [email protected] The program also broadcasts on Free Speech TV. How about Local/regional newspapers?

God Bless

i really do not know what to tell u

just it is not going to last forever; it will end

I do not know if it can make any difference for you and your husband to know that a person thousands of kilometers away was waiting the whole day for the decision hoping for the release of Alaa and all the political detainees, and that he was distressed when he knew that the best of the Egyptian youth would remain behind bars. Once again the regime proves its sadism and the state apparatuses prove their subordination to the ruling gang not to the Egyptian people. This hardship gives strong evidences that your cause (freedom of speech, democracy, rule of law) is very vital for the human beings in Egypt. Best of regards


Sooner or later Alaa will be released and by the end of the day he will be the winner

Only cook well for him

Dear Alaa, I login to this Blog daily to check on you. What you are doing is giving the oppressed majority some level of hope. Everyday you spend in jail, you prove to the world that Egypt is not dead yet, if they can control your bodies by placing you behind bars, they will never control your mind and your will to change the frozen political atmosphere that we are living in. I can't believe a blogger is standing comparable to an army of intelligence, police and the 'high' powers. This is incredible, it shows how weak the political system in Egypt and how fast it will collapse soon. When this happen, people like you will emerge as leaders. Thank you for giving the youth hope, we all support you (in Egypt and abroad) and we wish we were just like you.


I'm sorry if I'm sounding repetitive but We would be most interested in hearing your story on Canadian radio. Manal, if you could find the time, we would spend as much time as it would take for you to tell your and Alaa's story. I know this is a difficult time but please, it's an important story to tell.

Manal, stay strong, Alaa will get out, every additional day for him in jail is one day less for this brutal government.

You have chosen to take a road, and you should know that a price must be paid. The toll is still yet unknown, but there is toll in the end. Being brave is not sometimes as easy as it may seem. A lot of people really admire your atituide, but I can feel how lost and distracted you are right know. Just hold on, I dont know if it is with some comfort for you to know that spite of everything you are much luckier than many others lost in Mubark prisons.

منال انت بت جادعة ..خلي بالك من نفسك وخلي بالك من الرز اللي هتطبخيه

المشكلة يا رضوى أن في حاجات كتير الواحد لازم يعملها فمابلحقش أطبخلهم بمزاج..في المعتاد طبيخي معقول جدا..على الأقل علاء بيحبه..بس لما يبقى لازم اطبخ لعدد أكبر و احضر حاجات تانية علاء عايزها في نفس الوقت مبيبقاش مظبوط آوي..ناقص ملح..رز معجن شوية..التوابل مش على مزاجي إلخ

انا عارف انك بنت كلك جدعنة لكن الطبيخ مهم جدا فى العمل السياسى فى مصر واكرر فى العمل السياسى مش العمل الوطنى.

وانتى طبعا عارفة ان الوطنيين ما يحبوش القرع بكل انواعة بينما السياسيين فى بلدنا ما بيحبوش حاجة قد القرع يمكن بعد القرع يفضللوا البامية لان كلها قرون انا عارف برضو ان علاء وطنى ومش سياسى وعارف ان طلباتة كتير خاصة وانة عايز يبان عمدة مع الاعزاء زملاءة فى القعدة المهببة اللى هوا فيها

لكن عشمنا انك تكونى روحك عالية وتعرفى ان الطبيخ اللى بتعملية مهما كان ناقص ملح او فلفل فهو ارحم من القرع المسبك بتاع الحكومة وياريت تكترى الكمية شوية لان دناوة السجان حاتاخد حبة من الاكل دة يمكن يتعودوا على الاكل النضيف

مع خالص تحياتى على صمودك الرائع

و تحياتى للعمدة و زملاءة ودعواتى لهم ان يخرجوا قريبا لكل من احبهم فيسعد بخروجهم ولكل من شمت فيهم فيتنيل على عينة

بعرف انو ما في كلام يخفف عن اللي جواتك وما في اي عمل رح يفرحك ويعرف انو كل احاسيسك مجمدة وحتى الضحكة بتطلع بغصة ... بس رغم كل هيدا رح قلك شدي حيلك لانو طالع طالع والمرة الجاية رح يكون اسمو منور ويرجعلك ويرجع لكل يللي بيحبوه .. انتي قوية من برا وعم تتحطمي من جوا بس انا اكيدة انك مش انسانة عادية

انتبهي ع حالك و15 يوم رح يمرقوا بسرعة او ببطئ بس رح يمرقوا ونقعد نتذكر كل هاللحظات الصعبة سوا في تعليق عن صورتكن حاولي تشوفيه )

Sheda w tzool dear Manal. Koloh by3ady. But it's hope which keeps us alive. Isn't it hope which made you protest from the beginning? I remember when Alaa was telling us about the 5 years his father spent in prison. May be, one day, your son or daughter will blog about this month and half too. Hopefully, this will be in another Egypt; our Egypt & not theirs.

Stay alive, dear Manal.


I wish Allah gives you strength in these tough times. I also hope that in shaa Allah, things will be better soon, and that Alaa will in shaa Allah get out soon.

He had paid a dear price so far for speaking his mind and for standing against Mubarak's tyrannical regime.


Akis Patsourakis

Dear Manal,

I was honored to meet your mother, Mrs Amal, during the workshop she attented in Morocco two weeks ago, she told us so much about you,your joie de vivre and your wisdom, that I actually feel I know you somehow, so I just wanted to say hi,and ask you not to loose faith, hatofrag insha Allah!and Alaa will be released soon!

Warmest regards from Morocco

proud of you guys, very proud. rabena ma3akoo.

Hello Dear

That small mail to tell u that there are people in Europe thinking about both of u. I just send thius small mail to give u some courrage. I hope all the best . ciao Damien