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Alaa and 10 others were detained today (7 May 2006)

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In the end of the protest in solidarity with the judges and the 49 detainees in the last week of April, police refused to let the protesters end the protest and go home, they brought more police forces then started tightening the circle around them, squeezing them..and then they started arresting people. They caught 11 young men and women and took them to Sayyeda Zeinab police station, they let go of of 3 of them later on.

List of names of the persons kept in Sayyeda Zeinab police station:

  1. Alaa Ahmed Seif El Islam
  2. Asmaa Ali
  3. Nada El Qassas
  4. Rasha Azzab
  5. Karim El Shaer
  6. Fady Eskandr
  7. Ahmed Abdel Gawad
  8. Ahmed Abdel Ghafour

List of those who were let go:

  1. Sara Abdel Geleel
  2. Mohammed Awaad
  3. Yasser Abbas Mohammed


جاءتني معلومات عن طريق التليفون انهم سيرحلون الان الى نيابة امن الدولة بمصر الجديدة

سلام يا منال كلمات التخفيف والمواساة ضرورية بس حاسس انها مالهاش اي تأثير. أنا عندي كآبة وغم من ساعة ما اصطبحت بالدخول عندكم وعند سلمي... ماعرفش .. وكأني كنت متخيل ان علاء مش هاطوله ايديهم. انا كل اللي في بالي دلوقتي ان نشر الأخبار دي علي أوسع نطاق هو اللي ممكن يكون عمل نافع. ممكن بالاضافة الي تعريف الناس العادية اننا نعرف وكالات أنباء زي ديموكراسي ناو. أنا هابعت دلوقتي علي الايميل بتاعهم. انا حاسس اني مشلول. ربنا يفك أسرهم جميعا . سلام يا منال

Hi. Manal and Alaa. I'm Vicent Partal, director of from Barcelona. Last November we spoke in the same panel at the Euromed and Media Conference in Barcelona.

I just got news about your detention by Egyptian police. I don't know if you or anyone of your collegues can read this mail. But anycase I want to express my full support to you and all the other egiptian bloggers under detention.

We will support you in our newspaper and will demand the director of the conference and the Mediterranian Institute to express the support of all of us to the Egyptian authorities.



3alaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :'(

howa eh habal eli beye7sal da??!! weba3deeen?

manal, I admire your strength!! keep on struggling! we... we albi ma3aakiii :'(


3alaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :'(

howa eh habal eli beye7sal da??!! weba3deeen?

manal, I admire your strength!! keep on struggling! we... we albi ma3aakiii :'(


Manal, I dont know what to tell you but I am so sorry for Alaa's arrest and he will sure be out soon. He is a real man. Stand firm and take care.

Support to the persons under arrest. Solidarity from Barcelona - Catalonia

are the rumors true about the manager (marion) from nikkibeach turning in the moraccan boys to the policia. and, given the policia fotographs of the boys! i heard this from a good friend and i can't believe this guy thinks he's irreproachable.

I have contacted the Egyptian Embassy and the US Embassy in Egypt. I will contact my congressman to express my concerns about the lack of democratic practices, the lack of free speech and the tendency to shut down other secular democratic movements in Egypt while the MB flourishes.

We will organize a boycott of Egypt and a writing campaign to other media entities to make them aware of his and the other activists situation.

Stay strong.

My support to everybody who got arrested and to you manal and everybody else with a conscience in Egypt. There will be a protest in front of the Egyptian consulate in New York on Tuesday.

My sympathy with all of the personers, sorry to hear that!!!!

I knew it was going to happen any time soon ... I am soooooo soorry for that terrible news ... not Alaa .. !! as if we were in need of more bad news ,, we already had enough with the guys still arrested ,,,

I hope it will end soon and that they won't target him for what was said here before on mubarak and his men ,,

nothing to be said ,,, it's such a terrible news ..

This night has lasted for tooooo long ..

I'm very sorry to hear about this. It seems the government is going mad, they're like a wounded bull!

Rabbena ma3ahom w'yetal3hom bilsalama.

Dear Manal - Your friends at Global Voices are doing our very best to make lots of noise about Alaa's arrest. We'll make very sure that the wider world understands the current crackdown of free speech taking place in Egypt and the impossibility of silencing voices like Alaa's. Best wishes for strength and support from all your friends in our family.

Best regards, -Ethan Zuckerman

بس سؤال...ليه شلتي الموضوع بتاع علاء اللي كان حاطط فيه صورة الريس وبيبعبصله ويسب فيه!!! لأن اللي موضوع ده كان غلط أساسا كتابته.... صح؟

والله لو بوش نفسه حد عمل فيه كده كان اعتقلوه تاني يوم وبدون مبالغة...

انتوا زودتوها جامد أوي... وكل ده تحت شعار الحرية..... أي حرية دي يا سيدتي؟

ربنا معاهم انا حصلى لهم و على العموم مفيش حلاوة من غير بار , و اى طريق فى اوله صعب .... اكيد ربنا مرتب الحكاية دى للمصلحة بس احنا البشر مبنبقاش عارفين ... و نفضل نسأل ليه ده حصل... و الاجابة بتبقى عند ربنا

Very sorry about what happened. You have my support (and a banner-free Alaa-posted on my blog). I and the other Lebanese bloggers pray for the fast release of Alaa and friends. Tell us how we can help.

Alla my solidarity with Alaa and the other detainees.

I made this flash animation for the campaign

As much as i am impressed with the joyful struggle of you guys, i am concerned that our oppressive regimes do not respond to peaceful demonstrations..etc.

History has taught us that they only respond to power that is more compelling and only by force greater than theirs that they listen and change !

Your movement is definitely a breath of freash air, yet with very limited representation in society and lack of power, it may not produce the desired change..

I think that they do not take you as seriously as muslim brotherhood, that is way they arrest much more of them and for long periods.

Nevertheless, i would pray for everyone and send my blessings...and wish i have the opportunity to participate effectively for the change to a better EGYPT and a better nation Insha ALLAH !

That our Dictators wont allow peaceful demonstrations . I think it is about time we realised our rights wont be handed to us on silver plates but if we want our rights and reforms then we should be ready to continue demonstrating and not giving up . Unfortunately we do give up easily and prefer our normal routine . Look at what the Brave Ukrainians did , they faced 2 months of demonstrations under minus temperatures in freezing tents , leaving their jobs , their studies , sometimes their kids too. Look at the Nepalese people , they faced the police and their sticks and water cannons and sometimes bullets too, in the end the King gave up . Are we too weak ???Im afraid so . I was just telling mom , the Algerian who freed Algeria from France Dont exist anymore, if france now decides to invade Algeria , no one will resist, my sister said they might welcome france with open arms . (to get a french Passeport)

Take heart Alaa, the mills of God grind slowly but surely. Peacefull protest may not be a fast way to bring about positive change but its help to raise the collective consiousness of the people to effect the change in the long run. History holds a place for you. we shall all look back and say these where the men and women who brought about this change. Ride on (Like Gunner will say) from Ochuko Onoberhie (AfricaSource2 Media track Drama Dancer)

We are blogors, We are free and peaceful, We fuck repression,dictators and censorship, So let us doing!!

Aller bande de cons,libérez Alaa et laissez les gens bloguer en toute tranquilité!!



All the best in your pursiut of free speach! Your word bring heart to all,on every side of the globe. regards stan

by writing this I want to give all you bloggers all my support in your struggle to express yourself, to live your life in a peaceful way, to take advantage of what we in Europe call Freedom.
I want to make 2 points:
1. I admire all of you who have the courage to maintain blogging. You are heroes who will face difficulties but who will win in the end. The internet technology has created forces that no dictatorship can ever stop. The battle will be hard, but in the end you will succeed! All major historic changes (e.g. Ghandi in India, labour movements in the 19th century in Europe) have past the stage you are living right now.
2. Unfortunately, the word Freedom has been abused by others to start wars, oppress other people, etc. Let's not mix up things, what we all want, Christians, Islamists, Europeans, Asians, Americans, whoever... is the possibility to explore life and express our ideas. Let's not forget that: we all have to sympathise with each other and express our common concern!
Bloggers of the world, whatever your ideological, political, religious, etc convictions are, you are changing history! Keep up that tremendous effort.
Hendrik, Belgium

I think you may have a misconception of what blogs are. This is a Discussion Board not our lives.

we are with you people!

collective FOOD NOT BOMBS Sarajevo BiH

People, please, read this

Take care, our friends. We are with you.