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Alaa and Manal's place

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Hassab El Nabi st, off Ahmad Kamel st., behind Giza governerate , Faisal

private residence

I'm feeling generous these days, my hotspot is open to all.

the area is very scenic with regular sewage problems, streetfights and the very folkloric street merchants.

don't forget to pass by Al Saad bakery the boreik is to die for.


30.01157 31.19750


how can an individual get a wi fi!? can u help me this!?

تحية للشعب المري ولكل من ينتظر الحرية

Hi Alla, What a stange surp. it happens that I am living guess what in the same street as yours ;) really not joking I will have a wireless network card installed within 48h can you tell me if there any steps needed to access your hot spot.,0.007478&t=k&hl=en

Here's a map to find your way to Alaa place :-)

Thanks to google for this great service.

maybe whirlpool's gps system is not accurate, its off by a couple of blocks.

how could I get my OWN WiFi hot spot ?

well ...

first u will have to have an wi-fi access point connected to an internet provider ..

then u set it up in the place u wanna ..

invite ppl ... forget not to invite me ...

and here we go :)

thank you aly mustafa

just buy a wirless LAN PCMCI and install it in your laptop and walk by Alaa's house, and you have internet connection.

يا عم علاء

احب اشكرك على الفكره

بس احنا عايزين ننشر الفكره ونحطها بشكل احسن وواضح على محركات البحث

الرجاء التفكير والرد

معنديش فكرة ازاي ننشر الموضوع، أكتب عنه في أي منتدي أو مدونة ممكن تهتم، و الأهم شارك و أكتب عن أماكن الانترنت اللاسيلكي اللي زرتها و جووجل هيقوم بالباقي.

First of all let me say that am a big fan of your site,,,I just want to ask you,,,aren't you afraid of getting done by the authorities...?I know I'd be,,,Just becareful mate and take your and take your residence map off the internet for fucks' sake,,,,Keep up the good work,,,,

like anyone in Egypt we fear police brutality and the regime in general.

but no we are not afraid of attracting any harm through this blog. for many different reasons.

mainly we are not that important or that threatening, newspapers and satellite tv are as bold as bloggers and more sometimes and much more influntial when it comes to politics.

they already know us and know where we live, they broke into our house once (but they where probably targeting my dad who used to live in the same place), whatever we publish here won't make them more aware of us.

you can get done by the police here for totally random reasons, people die in police stations everyday. worrying about it is meaningless, nothing you can do can make you avoid it, it is just statistical some people get done some peole don't.

Alaa, I admire you and your generation. You all are excellent young people. You guys overcome your fear, and our beloved Egypt will be a great nation because of all of you. Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep goooooooooooooooooooing Guys.

i guess im already useing this connection :D, it just reaches out here very badly, if anything can be done to impower da signal that would be great