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The rise and rise of the Manalaa civilization

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Alaa: I thought these tagging games where silly but since I learned a thing or two about my dear friend Uniball I find myself obliged to respond when he tags me.

يلا مرة من نفسي

Manal: I decided to join in the game!

10 years ago

10 years ago Alaa was 14, Manal was 13

oh my what interesting time, our formation years you could say, 10 years ago we were taking our first serious steps in a youth organization called Annosoor Assaghera (photos), we organized summer camps, learned about child rights, practiced democracy and had a great fun time with no adults around to bug us, and that's where we met, two years later we'll find ourselves deep in love in a most subtle/organic fashion.

Manal: 10 years ago was my first camp in Sharm el Sheikh (the only time I went to Sharm), it was in a very nice place called Shark's Bay and we were staying in tents, I don't think the place still exists (Alaa: they somehow managed to build 3 ugly concrete hotels in the place that was occupied by the tiny camp). I acquired new friends, and it was the first time to go out with friends in places other than the bloody Abbas El Akkad st. in Nasr City.

10 years ago Alaa traveled to England to spend some time with his family there and we both attended an international Woodcraft folks youth camp that Annosoor Assaghera participated in.

Alaa: later travels would prove much more interesting but the first time had its charm, I did it all from shopping, to going to live music festivals to underage drinking and sex (never did drugs thank you).

Alaa 10 years ago (roughly) was when I formed my own musical taste (as opposed to listening to what was on or what my parents liked), it was my rediscovery of Pink Floyd when they released Division Bells, Pink Floyd would remain my favorite form of art since then, and off course Nirvana (you can't be a teenager without listening to Nirvana), only Microbus drivers listened to decent Egyptian music at that time so apart from Mounir I didn't like anything Egyptian. there was Portishead, Radiohead (creep was big at that time), Cranberries (zombie eih eih), Prodigy (I got the poison, I got the remedy). was Metallica's black album released at that time too? that lead to going to metal and rock concerts, being mildly harassed when they cracked down on the black clads and long hairs in the infamous satanics incidents (commonly known as سوتيانيكس), while this was minor police abuse compared to what is the norm in Egyptian society and only had an effect on a thin strip of society I felt first hand for the first time what my parents tried hard to explain to me, you can't avoid politics, you can't just pretend this country is not fucked up, I developed a strong hate of ابن المتناكة عادل حمودة و كل الخولات اللي كتبوا ضد عبدة الشيطان and I still fantasize about fragging them all with bazookas.

Alaa: 10 years ago was not a happy time though, I used to go to a horrible school, and as any self respecting teenager with hormones felt hopeless, angry and depressed.

Manal: 10 years ago was when I started wearing braces (had dracula teeth), I was happy with them and I preferred to wear them in pink.

Alaa: 10 years ago was about the last time I was healthy and fit, used to play rowing at the time, and to prove that this is a small world one of my colleagues at rowing will end up as my sisters ex-boyfriend many years later, fond memories and the Nile up close and personal at painfully early hours of the morning.

Alaa: 10 years ago I was programming pascal, and dabbling with computer graphics, I used to paint and draw too me thinks.

Manal: 10 years ago, computer was games and Arabword for me, played Prince, Gorillas, Cat and Rescue Rover.

cinema was always important but can't really remember what was big back then.

Alaa: I think by that time it was obvious which of my two career choices is realistic (computing and astronomy, you guess).

Manal: I loved mathematics, probably was thinking of Faculty of Engineering, but at that time I hadn't heard of the Faculty of Science yet.

Alaa: I think I got the 486dx2 PC couple of years before that time, before that I used to work with an IBM XT that was even older than me, of course my 486 was doomed to be outdated before we even bought it (it was delayed a whole year because the money was used to produce my youngest sister), I lived with that 486 until I 2001, I was already using the net for a year or two but 1995 is when internet usage exploded, when it was opened to the general public and not just the lucky few in Egypt and when I really started spending looooooong hours on the net.

Alaa: Microsoft released windows 95 at the end of the year forever becoming the monster it is now but that's also the time I first heard of GNU, Linux and the BSDs (was that when the BSD case was going?).

Alaa: is that when I first read brief history of time?

5 years ago

now that's not as interesting or eventful as 10 years ago.

Alaa: I think 2000 was like the only period in my life when I didn't know what I was doing and what I wanted exactly, first year of college, at that time I was trying to learn the bass guitar, finding myself pushed in weird bands and generally having a great time.

Alaa: I was officially a bad student now, skipping classes to go drink at 11am in the morning and all that fun stuff (photos from el ma3bad).

Manal: I went to Faculty of Science, but it was the one in Helwan University. My daily trip would be: from El 7ay el 3asher, Nasr City to Helwan in the morning, from Helwan to Faisal (where Alaa lived but still with his family and where we live now, to study and play together) in the afternoon, then from Faisal to El 7ay el 3asher in the evening.

Manal: It was my first time to fail in my studies, I failed in two courses in the second term with half a mark and a mark, but at this year the University dean has decided that he won't apply the error correction marks commonly know as daragat el ra2fa. Of course many students took it to court and won the case in a few months, so I actually passed these two subjects, but we were already in the 2nd term of the 2nd year by the time the case ended, because of this I had to endure two years at Helwan University before being able to transfer to Ain Shams, though it will prove that I had great fun in Helwan compared to my experience in Ain Shams

We have been together for 3 years, went through way too many storms and convinced the world we are here to stay thank you (go find another couple to pick on), we were working on delivering the next leaders generation in Annosoor, we enjoyed 2 great camps in Austria were we met great friends, and started thinking about moving to Vienna when after marriage. We held a camp in Agami "Soghayareen 3alatool" (as in Hisham Selim's chipsawy 3alatool) and we thought the new leader generation will be able to carry on fine without us, we would be proved wrong in a year when Annosoor starts dying. And Alaa's other volunteer effort wasn't looking so good (the CYD dream that never came off) either.

Alaa: I was making many many friends so that's ok, we went out every other night, lots of live music and dancing, was fun.

Alaa: 5 years ago is when I started learning C++ and when I started seriously with GNU/Linux in one year I'll be totally Free and find myself a decent programmer doing the occasional paid job (I aslo did lots of freelance virus cleaning for money, yeah I was a whore).

5 years ago We had a great time when Alaa's parents invited us to Paris, we spent two weeks there then took the bus to Austria to spend 5 days with friends there, Paris is the metropolice, never had soo much fun. It was hard to decide where to live after marriage, Paris or Vienna!

Manal: it was the year when I fell in love with Picasso, I enjoyed his museum in Paris so much.

Alaa: Well this state would last for only a year or two and then I'll find myself failing engineering, moving to a silly place that is as easy as kinder garden, the great experiment that is AZA Group is launched and I finally find myself making money regularly, focus is returning to my life.

5 years ago is when we started focusing on independent musicians publishing their work on the net, through the wonderful people sound we found many a great bands and musicians, we rediscovered Fathi Salama and me and Manal fell in love with his work.

5 years ago was the peak of our interest in art, We was jumping from galleries and exhibitions, buying all sorts of art books, dabbling with art ourselves and generally having a grand time.

1 year ago

Alaa: ah the year of the dragon, my year of ultra success, 1 year ago is when our Free/Open Source activism exploded, we toured the country giving seminars, we organized the most successful installfest ever (someone must have beat us since then), I got interviewed by slash dot, we founded EGLUG (photos) and moved on to even more success, I started getting monthly job offers, I started working with COSPE (photos) in what must be one of the most rewarding jobs ever, me and Manal been married for two years already and managed to pass all the critical stages of marriage.

after half heartily participating in the 2001 and 2003 anti war protests we did our first explicit political act and joined the 20th of march movement as their webmasters (never came up to much but that's another story), we got interested in ICT4D, and web publishing and started helping groups and individuals use the web and publish on the web, and of course we started this blog.

We made so many new friends this past year it's making us dizzy.

Manal: We traveled to South Africa (photos) and Alaa also went to Ghana (photos) (first visits to Africa), and that was a great experience, not to mention that we got the chance to hit the sea 3 times (photos), the first two years of the marriage where all spent at home, kan lounna yeksef 3ala ra2yy wa2el khalil. It was also my first time to snorkel, 1st time in Nuweiba3 and the 2nd in hurghada and I found it very rewarding.

Alaa: I found myself part of two revolutions, one of them worldwide with lots of goodwill, solidarity and respect to go around.

pirating all sorts of movies and music became almost a religious experience, I'm sure we collected enough stuff to land us in jail for life.


heh who can predict the future.

We want more of the same, we want every year to be like last year, hectic activity loads of achievements, friends all around, traveling in Egypt and abroad, we certainly want to see more of Africa.

non stop music, cinema, and all sorts of art yaaaay.

non stop partying and travel, non stop street politics, non stop FOSS advocacy.

Alaa: seriously though I hope to find a chance to a proper successful ICT4D project (if anyone knows what that looks like), hopefully something that involves children.

Manal: I would like to either work with children (be it art, technology, democracy, whatever) or work on training people on using technology and making technology more accessible for them.

5 snacks I enjoy


  1. stuffed vine leaves
  2. lasagne
  3. Manal's molokheya
  4. بطارخ الرنجة (what's that in english?)
  5. Chicken+Chicken Soup+white rice+loads of lemon and salt (my favorite meal. me is simple, no?)


  1. Pasta
  2. Pizza
  3. Chocolate
  4. stuffed vine leaves
  5. white rice + my green salad

no wonder I can't get to my secondary years shape

bands/artists that I know the lyrics to most of their songs:


  1. Pink Floyd
  2. a7a team (and all the folks)
  3. Nirvana
  4. Marcel Khalife
  5. Mohammed Mounir

and more I have surprisingly good memory when it comes to lyrics.


I think I'm very bad in memorizing lyrics so I'll tell u about my favorite bands

  1. Garbage
  2. Nirvana
  3. Soap kills
  4. Fathy Salama
  5. Prodigy

5 things I'd do with 100,000,000$


  1. give mubarak a bribe in exchange for democracy (is 100,000,000$ enough?)
  2. probably donate a large chunk to some FOSS related activity
  3. buy that super round house with trifle windows next door, I need to do this fast someone is bound to buy it, demolish it and build an ugly matchbox عمارة in its place
  4. buy a house by the water front in cape town and move there
  5. buy a satellite to supply me with constant internet access no matter where I am, will probably use it to track amn markazy movements too


  1. travel around the world
  2. buy a dedicated server for free arab blog hosting
  3. set a computer lab to be able to train people on GNU/Linux, Drupal, other technologies, make activities with kids and play BZflag
  4. buy a lot of silver jewelry
  5. take all the dance and art classes/workshops I want

locations We'd like to run away to

  1. Cape Town
  2. Paris
  3. Austria (almost anywhere)
  4. Siwa (Alaa: if I can get broadband there)
  5. the shire (Alaa: if I can get broadband there)

5 bad habits I have


  1. me have bad habits? never?
  2. get angry easily specially under stress, which means I'm quick to lash out at colleagues
  3. not organized (in most senses of the word)
  4. tend to leave things undone (it's difficult for me to finish a job specially when all the interesting parts are done)
  5. ask Manal, she complains about loads of bad habits relating to housework but I can't seem to remember what they are ;-)


  1. lazy
  2. stressed easily and lash out at people
  3. don't see the patterns
  4. usually late
  5. trust people in a naive way

5 things I like doing


  1. what's on top of the list for every other male on the planet except maybe for Mohammed Sameer
  2. programming (I don't get to do that alot these days)
  3. listening to music, watching a film, reading a book etc
  4. cooking a nice meal with Manal and then eating it (but not regularly, I like to take my time cooking and wreck the whole kitchen, then leave it for someone else to clean, did you mention bad habits?)
  5. having friends around


  1. Belly dancing
  2. Swimming and Sunbathing
  3. Designing and doing necklaces (beading)
  4. Reading Harry Potter
  5. watching movies and reading books

5 thing I will never wear


  1. a tie
  2. a wedding dress
  3. latex
  4. underwear regally
  5. veil (unless I visit Iran)


  1. a tie
  2. a suit
  3. a bra
  4. a pantacour (spelling)
  5. a g-string

I'm fine with anything else for one time at least, but I try to avoid wearing anything except tshirts, jeans and shorts while I'm out and try to avoid wearing anything at all when I'm at home.

5 tv shows we like

I don't own a tv, never had one, never liked them, so I download shows from time to time

  1. simpsons
  2. futurama
  3. fawlty towers
  4. awful truth


  • layally el 7elmeya and si el sayed trilogy were nice


  • monty python

never saw an Egyptian tv show I seriously liked, the Hussein El Imam things where fine sometimes, in some ancient life there was a show called المخرج عاوز كده which had a couple of good episodes.

5 movies we like

ok this will be difficult choosing the top 5 is impossible so the list is on a first come first go basis

  1. Jerry Macguire (our movie, we found out we loved each other during watching that movie)
  2. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
  3. المومياء لشادي عبد السلام
  4. God Father
  5. الارهاب و الكباب

5 people I'd like to meet


hmm again a difficult question, I know so many interesting people I don't feel a burning need to meet someone in particular

Richard M Stallman
just for being the only person I could possibly look up to as a role model. who else can boast about starting a revolution and seeing it succeed and become mainstream in his lifetime? who else has had such a profound effect and influence on our minds, most people don't know the guy but sooner or later most people will be feeling the effect of his words and thoughts, IMO one can learn alot from RMS about how to achieve political or social change without needing to destroy the old establishments, without resorting to dirty politics and without once compromising one's principles, the fact that he can achieve this while being the ultimate anti leader, with most of his followers hating him not loving him, without charisma and without a propaganda machine that is incredible
Naomi Klein
read no logo and you'll know why.
Aziza Mustafa Zadeh
can we say best musician ever? she is almost my age and already achieved everything, and she is hot if I'm meeting her I want Manal to be somewhere else.
The guy who did Kos om el omraneya
my hero, the founder of my ideology in life the one person who says it like it is
Donald E Knuth
well what can one say about the guy? you know how you get the probably false impression that ancient scientists where soo big knew so much about many different fields? Donald E Knuth is every bit that scientist (الموسوعي), he invented half of what we call computer science today, he wrote software that can outlive the pyramids, he is an obsessive perfectionist and has a great sense of humor, he showed the world you don't have be a freak to be a great mind and a great scientist and he has a bad ass organ he made himself


  1. the friends I met and loved, outside Egypt whom I still remember and miss so much
  2. one of my 2 best friends in high school, Rana, she's Palestinian and she went back to Gaza 5 years ago
  3. wouldn't mind meeting Antonio Banderas or Andy Garcia while Alaa is off with Aziza Mustafa Zadeh (Alaa: shallow shallow shallow, I'll be off with the greatest musician of all time and all you can think of is hunks?)
  4. new friends
  5. Marrion Zimmer Bradley but she died 6 years ago :-(

5 biggest joys at the moment


  1. a chance to spend quality time with Manal (becoming rare :-(
  2. scaring clueless reporters with my bad ass attitude (ok that's not true but sometimes I wish it was)
  3. shouting witty slogans and talking to people in a demonstration without heavy police presence intimidating us
  4. helping someone use technology effectively
  5. meeting someone new and quickly becoming good friends


  1. the time I spend in any activity with Alaa
  2. my little sister (1 year old)
  3. taking the cast off my leg
  4. helping someone use technology
  5. meeting new people from weirdoville (aka blogosphere) ;-)

5 favorite toys


  1. wazouzou, my laptop
  2. my digital camera
  3. solfrino, my palm (though it was erased and I need to reinstall the old back up I have)
  4. freeciv/civilization
  5. my beads


bohohohooo I lost my zizo which was my favorite toy, I don't have many toys really lets think

  1. la carnouve my PC
  2. shadowfax my laptop
  3. my server
  4. my digital camera
  5. my back scratcher

haven't been playing for a while now though, used to play a bit with games, music software, graphics software, etc.


now this is a novel draft, really, though not fictional, it's heartwarming colorfull, and very authentic, unlike all the cliche-ladden quizz answers and tagging. perhaps this is how narratives will be like;

interactive, rough-hewn, plus many other typical characteristics, this piece epitomizes it.

thanks hamuksha for the madi7, و الكلام الحلو, coming from you I know it is genuine and notjust a compliment.

I have serious problems with writing, punctuation, style, building metaphors and knowing when to shut up, manal doesn't have these problems but doesn't enjoy writing either and it takes her an obscene amount of time to write a post.

انتو كاتبين بالانجليزي ليه..؟؟ هي ناقصة ..؟؟

ممكن أسألكم انتو بتشتغلوا إيه..؟؟

وولاد مين في مصر..؟؟

كاتبين بالانجليزي عشان ساعات بيجي على هوانا نكتب بالانجليزي

يعني ايه سؤال ولاد مين في مصر؟ ايه المقصود؟

كنت عايز أتعرف عليكم.. انتم بتشتغلوا إيه..؟؟ من البروليتارية الكادحة ولا لأ..؟

أنا الصراحة مش اعرف كتير في البلوغز، بس أعرف أنهم 100%..... يا ترى انتم بتشتغلوا صحفيين واللا الصفحة دي نشاط جنب عملكم الأصلي ..؟

  • ملحوظة : لو زعلان من تعليقي ده فياريتك تحذفه هو واللي قبليه، عشان أنا كده مفيش أمل فيا..!

البلوجرز ناس، لا هم 100% ولا هم 1% فيهم و فيهم و القرد في عين أمه غزال :-)

أنا مش زعلان من الأسئلة بس مفهمتش سؤال ابن مين في مصر مقصود بيه ايه.

محناش من البلوريتاريا الكادحة لكن محناش أغنياء، والدي محامي حقوق انسان بيشتغل ببلاش و والدتي أستاذة جامعة مبتاخدش اعارة و لا تدي دروس، محل عملي مكتوبله رابط فوق cospe و منال حاليا بين شغلتين، أحنا بنشتغل في مجال الكمبيوتر و مهتمين أساسا باستخدام البرمجيات الحرة مفتوحة المصدر في التنمية

لما بتسأل عن طبقتي برد أني مقدرش أفطر كل يوم زبادي بالفواكه مع أن ببقى كل يوم نفسي أفطر زبادي بالفواكه.

اضراب عام فى حالة عدم طرد السفير الاسرائلى و ذلك يوم 8\8\2006 يرجى التعميم

و انت مين انت كمان علشان تقرر دة

صباحك زى وشك يا مصر

تخــا تخـــا تخـــاريفى

Great blog! Ill bookmark it and read it everyday!


مبروك لمنال اختيارها في لجنة تحكيم مسابقة دويتشه فيله العالمية للمدونات 2006، واحب أقول كل عام وانتما بخير للثنائي الجميل منال وعلاء. تحياتي

I totally agree that eveyone of us can do ANYTHING in time he is not hurting others.SO MANAL n ALLA GO A HEAD! nabeel

a draft novel? I don't think so.

apart from the lack of talent thing novels ispired by autobiography require brutal honesty that I doubt we posses, just read Ahdaf Soueif or Wagih Ghali and you'll see what I mean.

I'm not brave enough to tell it all.

a fake cliched soap opera done in good humor and deconstructing the very cliches it is built on is a possibility thoug :-)

طبعا هايلة جداً

i have never enjoyed these -tag me- things, the ones i have read so far sound soo silly and childish..this one has a different essence.And i agree with Hamuksha, yes this one is Heatwarming..Beautiful..:)

ya alaa i dont know how 2 thank u for giving me the chance 2 know someone like aziza zadah, she is every thing u said & more, & wn ever u go c her let me know & i will tell my wife 2 keep manal company till we both through with zozza :))))) let me know how 2 get her albums or wr 2 download it, i just heard SHAMAN & i she blow my head off.

you should start with dance of fire, but anyway all her albums are good.

email me and we'll see about supplying you with all her albums.

I started with Dance of Fire too. It's like the warm-up and it works :D. I recommend the cover of "Funny Valentine". My opinion, start with the album "Jazziza". She's one hell of an artist.. but for a girl like me, she's just that :D.

why don't u give me your wife's email, so we can start to talk, no conspiracy on u and Alaa, trust me ;^)

women are allowed to have emails these days?

next thing you'll tell me they can go to the grocery shop.

ur welcome 2 talk 2 my wife, if alaa promises that he will hook me up with such gorgeous ppl like zozza :) i will tell my wife 2 mail u anyway :^)

You lost your Zizo, which was your favourite toy.

Zizo is the name of my late PDA, Zizio is arabized name of Gyro Gearlooses' helper (مساعد عبقرينو). my PDA was called Zizo because it was my small electronic helper.

tab3an after loosing it my attention span, memory, sense of time and any other skill/trait Zizo componsated for suffered.

oh and I'm not reading as often as I used to for the lack of a decent ebook reader.

I'll never forgive Mubarak, one day the war criminal will be put on trail for what he did to nibbler and zizo.

and my camera

Really Koss Om el Omrania.

I wrote a very long comment on this lovely memoir of yours and sharing some of mine that relate to them, and then I clicked the KOO MP3 which opened in the same window and my comment was lost!!!

it's a freaking mp3 how can it open in a browser window? you click it asks you to save it somewhere.

besides learn to ctrl+click or right click or something.

or even better use GNU/Linux and middle click.

What do you think I am?!
I'm a decent Firefox using, netzine!
I know how to open in a new tab or browser. I just thought it will launch WinAmp when in fact I had a plug-in configured to play MP3 in the fox. My mistake. Any way I will right it again one day :)
How was your trip? Better than Manal's hopefully.
When I use Linux it won't be for the middle click ya walad. Sober up.

Do you guys really believe that Alaa & Manal are married?? I myself have my doubts and they don’t go without justification. For starters we see no WEDDING RINGS in any of their 1001 PICS on

Their wide collection of pics documents their lives closely, with pics in every pose or situation imaginable (they are photographed eating, drinking, sleeping, vacationing, etc) and by the looks of their place (their residence) and their lifestyle they don’t exactly fit the married profile now, do you?

They give off the impression of two cohabiting lovers. And why is it that amidst this huge album of pics that we don’t see ANY WEDDING OR ENGAGEMENT PARTY PICS for the two of them?? (And don’t give me the “because they’re private pics” line because they’ve got all kinds of pics in there, including Manal in revealing nighties and swim suits, Alaa half-naked in bed, and kissing his “wife” in the kitchen…I mean if you have no problem going that far, why would a “Kosha” snapshot be private, right?).

Manal had also mentioned above that one of the things she will never wear is a WEDDING DRESS. What did she get married in then? A tank top and a pair of shorts?? They claim to have been married for 2 years I think. How come there is no baby? Ok, I’ll grant you that you might be one of those couples who wanna postpone having babies, or even have preventative health issues.

I don’t know guys but something smells fishy here. I personally think that Alaa & Manal are NOT MARRIED, at least not “officially” married (i.e. at a Ma2zon or fee Kenesa). It is likely that they are married 3ORFY (if they are both Muslim, or Alaa is Muslim and Manal non-Muslim). Or, they might have gone off and got a “Civil Marriage” (Gawaz Madani) document from some Western country (if Alaa is non-Muslim and Manal is Muslim). It is also possible that they’ve ignored the piece of paper thing altogether and chose to live under one roof, in spite of societal views or maybe behind peoples’ backs. (I understand this is becoming common in Egypt).

My point with all of this is: Alaa & Manal are at liberty to lead the lifestyle they please and make their own life choices in how they choose to relate to one another (by carrying an official status in society or not). They will be the ones baring the consequences of such a decision and responsibility for its aftermaths.

HOWEVER, they are NOT free to deceive people and fabricate lies around this lifestyle, such as claiming to be married when they are not. This becomes particularly important if they are going to be taking a political/social activist/reformist role in society. How can they call for “the transparency of elections” when they themselves are living a lie, all whilst creating a fan base on false pretenses? How can they ask for the existence of a clean, honest political environment when they exercise neither with the people supporting them and what they do? It is time that we eliminate this kind of hypocrisy and double-standard in our lives, especially pertaining to the political life in Egypt, which is in dire need for sincere, trustworthy individuals who respect themselves and the people that place their trust and faith in them. I sincerely wish that I am wrong about my assumptions and that you turn out to be really married. We await your “Kosha” pic:)


اوعى وشك، this is getting sick.

يلا شوية ردود من باب أني أريح العقول المريضة.

there are not wedding and engagement photos because of two reasons.

  1. these are photos taken by us using our camera, if we had a wedding or an engagement party we'd be too busy doing other stuff.
  2. we never had a wedding or engagement party, and never had a kosha.

a party is not a prerequisite to marriage.

so mr/ms private ivestigator before I tell you which of your logical conclusions are right I'd like to inform you that I wouldn't mind any of the choices, just cohabiting or getting a civil contract somewhere would have been perfectly fine by us.

anyways it so happens that we are متجوزين على سنة الله و رسوله with the ma2zon, the mandil and the official islamic mariage contract and all.

but since the only visual proof is the 2asima, it is quite natural that you wouldn't find it on our photo galleries, why would I scan the 2asima (actually it might be a good idea as a digital backup).

what is amazing is why do you even care, it is our freaking life, we are not running for office, we simply participated in a bunch of protests and helped people build a bunch of website, can't see how that gives anyone the right to interfere in our private affairs.

and yes they are private despite what we publish, we get to choose what we make private and what we make public, and you and your opinions and your sick mind have absolutely no place in this decision.

asking for transperancy in elections has nothing to do with personal behavior, even allaged criminals have the rights to transparent elections, the double standard is to ask for transperent elections then run a public organization in a non transparent way, not ask for transparent elections and then run our own lives in whatever way we choose?

anyways if you people cannot here the message and ignore the messenger then they're not going to get any rights, freedoms or establish democracy, if all it takes to destroy any hopes of democracy in Egypt is to add some lewd protesters to the different political movements then we deserve every bit of misery and tyranny we live in, but I'm optimistic, I think most people can see beyond that.

we are not activists, let alone political leaders, we do not have a position of responsibility, the only public roles we have are related to EGLUG, the Egyptian blogs aggregator and the drupal hosting service. if you have a problem with our conduct in any of these three projects/areas feel free to criticize, otherwise shut up.

هوا فيه ايه!!!!!!

سيبوا منال و علاء في حالهم بقى

السلام عليكم بقلك لو سمحت انا عايز اعمل مدونه عملها ازاي

I have been married for almost ten years now and neither me or my wife wear wedding rings or had that proper wedding ceremony you want.."and btw we just had our first baby daughter seven months ago"..Going through thier online pics ,looking for wedding rings,searching for anything to humiliate or disgrace this couple who's putting thier ass on the line for such ignorant retarded people "such as your sweet self" to get thier freedom from oppression and tyranny only shows how empty you are and how much spare time you have at hand...i cannot believe that a supposed well educated person like yourself "given your poste" can be the judge,jury andthe executioner of such non profit seekers,,,Me,you and every body visiting thier site should only comment on the site and be objective enough to appreciate it,,,,Let me tell you mate that you're the one in dire need of keeping your big nose above your piehole...respect....Ahly Ruuuuulez

I seriously can't believe someone would go through the trouble of writing aaaaall that nonesense! I can only imagine this Anon person sitting there going through Manal & Alaa's pictures trying to find a wedding ring or a wedding pics! Give me a break!

I enjoyed reading your quiz guys. We wennaby ya Alaa kabbar demaghak mel nas el habla di... you should save your energy and time for all the meaningful things you do and care about.

ياريت تسيب الناس في حالها هما حريين عايشين مع بعض منع غير جواز أو متجوزين مدني أو اي حاجة دي حاجة ماتضايقش حد وحدش له دخل فيها لإن ده مابيأذين حد أولا فين ناس ببتجوز من غير ماتلبش دبل ولا تعمل فرح ولا تلبس فستان فرح مش كل الناس بتفكر بنفس الطريقة ومش لازم ندخل في خصوصيات الناس خليكوا في حالكوا احسن

إجري يمحمد أفندي

Dear Manal & Alaa,

Mabrouk on the award! I work at The Daily Star Egypt and am currently working on an article on Egyptian bloggers. Is there any way I can get in touch with you (meeting or e-mail) to ask a few questions?

Please let me know, and keep up the good work.

Aida Nassar
Associate Editor
The Daily Star Egypt

mish fahem haga khales men el site da 3ashan, el kalam fee kteer awi wana ma3andish ta2atan akteb, no offense to anybody i do not mean anything, bas elli katab da kollo momken ye summarize the main true points he want to say...da mayemna3sh enn ana aret hagat 3agabetni sara7a...bas el link bta3et el photos are broken...

anyway it was nice to drop here by chance, guess what I was searching for the stuff in the site it refered to the comment u wrote above...Nice to meet u


try starting with the front page next time.

the photos are stored on our pc at home, which means you can't access it if power or aDSL is down. try again after 15 minutes and most probably it will work.

hi ! i like your site it s funny !


zeid , soapkills

OMN zied of soap kills in person.

I love your music.

21 ديسمبر 2005

الإخوة أعضاء ألنظمة المصرية لحقوق الإنسان

أرفق أدناه رسالتى إلى محكمة العدل الدولية مبتدأ العمل لمحاسبة المسئولين عن جريمة قتل الأبرياء العزل خلال مظاهرات الإنتخابات منذ أسبوعين.

لقد حان الوقت ليعمل الجميع لحملية المواطن مهما كان موقعه أو وضعه الإجتماعى من همجية وإستبداد السلطة ، ومن الطبيعى أن تكون منظمات حقوق الإنسان فى طليعة ذلك الواجب.

إننى سأواصل هذا الجهد مهما كان الثمن حتى لو كان حياتى حيث أنى سئمت من إحتقار السلطة للشعب وإستهتارهم بمقدراته إلى حد لايمكن السكوت عليه فى القرن 21.

20 December 2005

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen at ICJ

Eleven innocent protesters were murdered by the Internal Security force two weeks ago in Egypt. Those people, murdered in cold blood, have nobody to question their murder because they belong to the poor in Egypt.

I would like to initiate an International Court of Justice case against General Habib Al-Aadli, Minister of Interior of Egypt, who is in charge of Egypt's Interior Security force which shot at and killed the innocent unarmed protesters.

If the murderers were not prosecuted, a popular Islamic revolution will happen in Egypt soon. Those responsible must be prosecuted.

Your co-operation would be much appreciated

Dr Elsayed Omar Selim editor Independent Voice News (UK)

Member of Kefaya Movement for Democratic Reform in Egypt editor Independent Voice News (UK)

Member of Kefaya Movement for Democratic Reform in Egypt


hello guys happend that i found ur site just by quins.and i guess it's different and amusing...i didn't dive into it till now that much like others did....but i guess i had to testify that u guys (alaa & manal) r interesting enough to get to know well.... so.., i thought we gotta meet somehow..someway..any place u'de say.. just to know u better and to exchange ideas about each partner...and we may become friends...and i have a lot of friends that they would love to hear about, if ur interested too submit ur reply ASAP. coz i hate to feel neglected or ignored...Thank u . SHERIF

Hi ! found your page just looking around. You´re still alive and well?

Was searching egyptian pages on the web. Found you two. Miss Egypt and u of course. It was 3 years since last time. I´ll come some day. I´ll just pop up. Hope I can find u then. I have still contact with Karim now and then. Is the nursery still there? Here in Sweden it´s very cold now.

Hope to hear from you. A very fine site this.

Love from Maggie

Hi, my name is Rachael and I live in America. I am almost ashamed to say that I live hear because our country has done a lot of really horrible things that I do not agree with. I used to think that America should stay out of other countries' business but now I am unsure, the whole "make love not war" theory. I don't believe in war. I have been reading postings by Mahmood Al-Yousif on his website Mahmood's Den, I don't know if you have read anything from him, but now I don't know what to think. I do not agree with our administartion or the reason that President Bush invaded Iraq. Did we help with the genocide in Africa? No. beause they did not have anything that America wanted. This makes me sick. I think that they are greedy and are there for oil, not for the reason they should be there- human rights. I did think that we should stay out of it because, who is America to tell another country how to live? but then again I do not want to sit around and ignore the fact that there are many innocent people who are suffering and dying. Alaa and Manal, what are your views on America's involvment in the Middle east? I do think that we need to help Middle Eastern reformers because we are all humans and it is our duty to help one another. I also think is is insane that America is trading with countries that have such severe human right violations. I read an article on entitled "Egypts Youth Have Had Enough," which is how I found your website, and in this article a reformer was talking about how she just stopped caring when the us army took down the statue of Saddam, but I don't understand why she thought this was a bad thing. I also read about the newspaper Al-Ahram. They wrote, "We reject US domination of our decision making...But although we reject subservience to the US and the International Monetary Fund, we are not against cooperation..." What do you think about these statements? Should the US stay out of it?

that's a big topic that requires much discussion, I'm strongly against US military presence in the region, the US should not even have bases here let alone occupy Iraq, and I support the Iraqi military efforts against the coalition armies.

but what I care about more is US interference in Egypt, the Mubarak regime which we are fighting against wouldn't have lasted this long if it wasn't for direct support from the US, your country is not helping reformers or bringing democracy here, your country is helping tyranny, torture, corruption and supporting a dictatorship.

Thank you for replying to my post and I know this might sound like I don't know what I'm talking about, I really don't so that is why I am asking you this but why is the united states supporting Mubarak? The US tells the people that live here that they are helping reformers and bringing democracy, I'm not dumb though and I don't trust our government. I want to know what the US is doing. How are they helping tyranny, torture, and corruption? I am not asking you this in disbelief, but I really want to know what is going on and no one in America seems to want to tell the citizens what is happening or what they are doing.

well you should doubt my words and do some research, but as I said it is not a simple topic.

let's start with the simple stuff, the US government supports the Mubarak regime through aid money, the Egyptian government recieves a huge amount of international aid and loans from the US and Europe, most of that money is either spent on strengthening the regime (army, security forces, media) or gets sucked by corruption.

now a government known to be corrupt and undemocratic (president been in power for the past 25 years, over 30 where killed by the police in last elections), has a well known and documented history of human rights abuses (including torture of anyone who passes by a police station not just political opponents), why should this government recieve money from the US? anyone living in Egypt would tell you this money is guaranteed not to do any good to Egyptian people.

it doesn't stop here, organizations like the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the World Trade Organization, the World Intelectual Property Organization have through the carrot of loans and the stick of trade sanctions forced the Egyptian government to adopt policies that have been very harmful to the Egyptian people (IMF suggestions and US-AID projects aiming at modernizing the egyptian public school system have had catastrophic results on the quality of education). but you must understand that of course the Egyptian government did not show much resistance, after all they don't really care if things screw up.

but regardless of all that, the main reason Egypt is in such a bad state is because of it's ruling regime, and it is up to us Egyptians to change that, we can't just blame the US most of the blame falls on those in Egypt who benefit from the current situation, those who are too scared to change the situation yet refuse to work on alternatives (for instance many egyptians don't want democracy because they know that this will mean an islamist government) and those who don't have the balls to stand up and fight.

people here are also sore at the US government (and people?) supporting Israel and off course Invading Iraq.

if you want to read some articles that might give you an insight on how people in this region feel and not just information check these links. Ahdaf Soueif is concerned more with the occupation than with internal Egyptian afairs though but is still worth a look IMO.

انا اسمي شيماء فاروق. احب اعرف عنكم بعض المعلومات لو ده ميزعجكوش.

  1. ازاي فكرتو في انشاء بلوجرز ؟
  2. ايه كان هدفكم من انشاءه؟
  3. ايه المزايا اللي بتقدموها عن الصحافة التقليدية؟
  4. ايه اهم القضايا اللي بتطرحوها من خلاله؟

وشكرا واسفة للفضول


أولا يا شيماء الترجمة العربي الدارجة لكلمة blog هي مدونة، و جمعها مدونات و يبقى أحنا مدونين. و اللي أنت بتقرأيه تدوينة و هكذا.

سؤال 3 اجابته في ورقة نحو صحافة شعبية، بس خدي بالك أحنا أولا مبنعتبرش الصحافة الشعبية منافس للصحافة التقليدية، الصحافة الشعبية مكمل و مراقب للصحافة التقليدية بالأساس، و كمان الصحافة الشعبية لا تنحصر في المدونات، المدونة مجرد واحدة من أوات عديدة بتستخدم و مش كل ما يكتب في المدونات بيعتبر صحافة شعبية أو اعلام بديل.

أما سؤال 4 ده ملوش اجابة مباشرة، أولا أهم من منال و علاء أنك تبصي على فضاء التدوين المصري كله، و ده بيتابعه مجمع المدونات المصرية، موقع فيه حاجات مختلفة استخدمي القائمة اللي فوق عشان تشوفي كل الأقسام الرئيسية، غير كده المقالات الكويلة اللي بنكتبها بنجمعها كلها في مكان واحد.

السؤال 1,2 معنديش اجابة حقيقية عليهم.

شكرا على الموقع الجميل واتمنى عمل صداقة على البريد الالكترونى والياهو

لو سمحتي يا شيماء الرد على الاسئله بتاعتك الاقيه فين

enty gaya teshtery talaga

انا نوران طالبه فى 1 ثانوي و محبطه جدا من كل الظروف اللى حوليا و اقصد بكده الحكومه من اصغر موظف الى اكبر موظف محبطه من الاهمال والفساد و كل الحجات اللي انتو عرفنها ونفسي يبقى فيه تغيير وديمقراطيه ونفسي اقابل ناس كتير من المصلحين المعارضين لكن كلهم ناس مهمه ونفسى اقولهم عن احلامى وطموحاتى اللى هي جزء من حياتهم انا فعلا مكتئبة ونفسى اكلم حد وعلى راسهم ابراهيم عيسى اللى انا بحبه وباحترمه اقوي بس مفيش فايده ... انا مش عارفه اعبر عن اللى جويا لان اللى كتبته ده جزء من احلامي وعندي خطط اصلاح كتير ومحتاجه حد يساعدنى

just out of curiuosity, does the site logo has anything to do with what I said about "etteneen el bambi"?


انتو مين ياجماعة معلش اختكم جهلة شوية في الانجليزي لاني من العهد القديم بتاع التعليم لكل تفل زي الماء والهواء في الاخر حصلنا علي بكاليورس ومازال حمارا وعاز عشرين سنة تعليم عشان يبقي فاهم يعرف يلاقي شغل عدل بجانب الضمير الميت طبعا

محسوبك علاء و دي منال مراتي

يا بختك برماتك يا علوة

وانتي كمان يا منال يا بختك بالراجل بتاعك

بجد بجد انا بغير من المشاعر الحلوة بتاعتكم واللي انا محروم منها زي اغلب الناس التعبانين في العزبة دي

اتمنى اقابلكم في يوم من الايام

...are really an adorable and original couple, and me and manal seem to have a lot in common. i hope we meet some day.

meeting us is very easy, just attend protests. here is the really wiered thing, i'm living in nasrcity, my fiance in faisal, we met in 3loom and we are both interested in technology, and ahh by the way i transfered from 3loom to computer science....i know what you'd say...we both breath air and drink water but we dont consider that as common factors, ma 3lina el mohem en i feltkinda wiered reading this post. i like it alot though.

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

بصراحة انا توقعت شىء فى نهاية الحكاية بس لم اجده ..!!!!

توقعت اتجاه للدين مثلا فى النهاية بعد المخدرات و الدعارة و الألفاظ البذيئة ..!!!! لكن لم أجده ..؟؟؟ علاء مثل غيره ... لو كان علاء حيجلس فى الاعتقال شهر اتنين ... غيره جلس فى الاعتقالات بالعشر سنين بتهمة ...متدين ..!!!!!!!

انا مش عارف انتوا عايزين ايه من الصفحة ده بصراحة انا بس شفتها فى الوعى المصرى ..!!!! هدانا الله و اياكم و فك اسرانا و اسر علاء ..!!!

Shut up. There are plenty of sites for this kind of religious paranoia and i doubt that this is one of them. Why should there be "itigah lil deen" at the end of the message? There are other roads to travel and other ways to live. If you believe in eternal salvation and divine rewards then a couple of decades in prison shouldn't be a problem, right? I am happy to see a liberal, secular and progressive opposition voice in this otherwise dreary country. Keep up the good work.

يا حسرة على العباد!

Batare7' el ringa = mackerell eggs

hello, or salam alikom, young funny couples;

i am just wondering about your future dream regarding egypt, become democratic???? you are working for that, being arrested for that???then why you want to live in Vienna or paris?

Would you think young guy that when you had sex and you drunk, but praises to be to god, you did not slipe into being on crab as well, that you had a unique challengimg experience that you could be proud of(to the extent that you declare it) so that new genrations could benefit of and follow your step; is that the future that you're defending for in egypt, all my wonders?

Manal, my dearesty sister, i wear veil and i am proud of it. I wear it while i live abroad because i belive it is my freedome to do what i belive in, i respect my right and freedome of thinking and oblige others to respect it? but i don't understand why if you don't belive in it, why you would bother yourself and wear it if you one day has to go to Iran? why you hurt the veil by putting it on your hair for nothing but obeying the slaves and not the god of the slaves???? By the way Manal, i met many iranian, and i wish we had many of their good conducts, organized brains and decency.

Dearest couples, i was enthusiastic about you, before reading your words, now i am really confused, who are defending for whom and for what? for a country where relations to be free from the values of our religion, muslims or christians, for good youth examples; couples who don't work except when they are interested or when they work they don't bother themselves making it completely done? generation who are not organized in their daily life, not punctual???? i am really confused >-{

May Alah bless Egypt and the Egyptians and help us to be ourselves not a messed copy of others.


jacob...Aliaa u wrote what all in my mind i hope to be alot like u in our great country.i want u keep on this writing plz.& pray for all people who burned by government in all arab country.finaly pray to back to my lovley egypt & stay with my family & friends

Hi Alaa, Welcome back. We don't know each other but I certainly feel i've known you for quite some time now, but this is another issue :-) Anyways, I wanted to share something funny with you after all you've been through.

You mentioned that among the people you'd like to meet is the guy who did "Kos om el omraneya", I totally agree with you, but do you have any clarification why is he being so hostile? are you the target of his opposition??, in all cases, he's certainly a founder of an ideology. As for me, the founder of my ideology can be found in this movie unlike your friend, he doesn't only "say it like it is", he actually makes it happen :-)

ana b2aly fatra batabe3 ur site..w ma2darsh anker e3gaby beh m3a 7abet mola7azat kda ;) .. bs magash f baly to add a comment ella lama lama7t esm Rana the palestenian girl...who got back to ghaza 5 yrs ago...ya manal rana's best movie was Nutting Hill..and i think she put it on a cd for me and left it with u to pick it up 5 yrs ago also...but i didnt...iam sure u can u have that thing called positive energy 3la ra2y wa7da sa7bety :) and btw the only time i met u with rana kona f medan el ta7rer..w konty 7ata a nose ring lol w rana 2aletly manal dh metar2a3a hya w 3ala2 w kol el naas dedohom ;) i think ppl will not change abadan..khaly el 3adaat wel taqaleed wel qyood 7armahom enohom ye3rafo 7aga esmaha 7ob...

Hi ya Fanella,

I dont remember u very much, but I do remember that Rana left a copy of Notting Hill with me for a friend to pick it up :-)

btw, I still have it if u still want it.

مع كل التقدير لشخصيكما ولكن لم استخدام اللغه الانجليزيه فقط حبى لكما يدفعنى الى ان اربأ بكما عن ما يحمله هذا الاسلوب من شبهة العنصريه والتى اوقن تماما انها غير مقصوده جيفارا حزب التحرير والبعث

هو ايه اللي عنصري؟ الأسلوب و لا الكتابة بالانجليزي؟

الكتابة بالانجليزي عنصرية الأيام دي؟ الكتابة بأكثر اللغات انتشارا في العالم عنصرية؟ يعني الواحد لما يكتب حاجة متاحة لعدد أكبر من الناس و لخفيات و ثقافات و جنسيات أكثر يبقى عنصري؟؟؟؟؟؟!!!

مين حزب التحرير و البعث ده؟ ya gama3a da what's this fuckin freak site?i found it by luck on google da fe kol 7aga el wa7ed nefso feha!!!!! but who's alla & manal ?what's blogs? anyway god with u . but messege to mana & alaa there'a 7agat keda elmafrood matkonsh in this site , i know that u ll tell me inaha 7orya sh7'sya we keda, but u hvae to know that raben watching us we fe 7esab we thawab we 3ekab.i don know if u moslim or mese7y but lazem nera3y ba3d.we lazem ne7'af allah so no need to this fuckin photos & el 7agat de.if u r make ma3sya let it in ur self donn put on puplic matonshorsh 3'aselak ( ازا بوليتم فاستتروا) sadak rasool allah

Saba7 el foll ya Jacob, for those who read this reply, Jacob is 1 of my best friends n we know each other for the last 10 years since ola sanawy :) he is the 1 who sent to me the link for this alaa n manal !

Awel 7aga ana 3andy ta3leek ba3d 2ezn 7adretak ya ostaz 3ala2, ana tab3an mn el nas elly 7azeena 3ala masr wel wa6an el 3araby kollo, wi ma3a koll el e7tram lel maghoood elly btebzelo enta wi ur friends, what ur gonna reach at the end?? i believe nothing, ana sme3t zaman en golda ma'eer elly kanet prime minister for state of israeli dogs, she said one day, i know that arabs will wake up some day & they will defeat us, but this is gonna happen only when the Muslims in Fagr prayer will be as much as Gomaa Prayer, ta7'ayal 7ata el kafra bent deen el kalb 3arfa e7na momken net7assen ezzai, sa7ee7 lazem netkalem wi ne2ool wi koll 7aga, bas bardo 7atewsal li eh, ana wa7ed mn el nas elly fakad el amal fel balad, bi 3'ad el nazar meen el sabab bas fe3lan fakadna el amal, ana masalan wa7ed mn el nas sha3'al fi UAE in big Oil company, wi banzel masr 3 times in a year, koll mara banzel feeha agaza bala2y el wad3 azbal mn el awel, msh 7a3od ba2a akol dma3'ak bel as3ar wi everything became expensive wel habal dah, bas 7a2olak 3ala el shabab wi ba2o 3amleen ezzai, ya 3am el 7ag ezzai enta motawake3 en el balad di te2oom, eza kont enta wi 3asharat zayak walla 7atta meyat be7awlo ye3melo 7aga, bardo ana shayef en enta ta3abak beroo7 3al fady, zaman A7mad 3oraby ra7 khalas, A7mad 3oraby kan ganbo sha3b regala supporting leeh, 7ata ayam el sadat kan lessa fi regala, laken enta motawake3 te3mel 7aga ezzai wenta shayef koll el 3eyal elly tal3a 7awaleek, koll wa7ed feehom merabby sha3ro zai mo7'tar mo7'tar wel 7'ateeb wi faroo2 ga3far, wi ba2alo sanateen bedeen ommo masta7amash 3shan el tasree7a tozbot m3ah wi sha3ro yenkosh a7'er 7aga, wel pantalone wa2e3 l7ad nos tezo wel boxer mela3la3 wi alwano zahya, wi salemly 3ala ma3a persil mafeesh mosta7eel, da tab3an ela ganeb en el 7asheesh farma6 deen 2om dma3'hom a7'er 7aga, wel Cofe shops malyana 7areem btetsharmat wi tshayesh el mo7agabat abl el 3eryaneen wi mashaa allah mn gamee3 el a3mar, ela ganeb el sharmata fi kol 7eta wi tafreesh ma3a her bf da eza kaman el mawdoo3 makansh gayeb sarayer, shoof ya rayes, heya kolkee3a kbeera mn el asbab law fdelna netkalem 3aleeha msh 7ane7'las, 3ala ra2y wa7da 7'atebet wa7ed sa7by, kol man2ool 7aga 3al welad, nela2eeha bet2ool Allah yer7amhom mato khalas fi 73, azon fhemt assdaha eh, 3al regala tab3an, ana 3ayesh hena fi UAE for the last 3 years, kool manzel masr batef 3aleeha besara7a, ana 3aref en kollo 7ay2ool ya 7'ayen ya m3afen masr di elly 3amalet mennak ragel wi 3alemetak wi akeletak mn 7'erha, 7elw el kalam, wi ba3deen, zakert wi khalast ta3leem, feen ba2a deen 2om el wazeefa elly masr di bet2ademhaly 3shan a3eesh zai 2om ma7'alee2 rabena mahomma 3aysheen, balad zai UAE di 3omraha kolo ma3adash 60 sana 3ala ba3d wi sab2ena bi 200 sana daw2eya, 7at2oly matetkalemsh 3ala balad 3ayma foo3 el petrol wi 3adad sokanha ma3adash 3 Millions, 7elw el kalam, bas bardo heya mabda2 fel awel wel akher, masr still feeha floos wi feeha forsa el nas kolaha t3eesh kwayes bas mein elly yenafez, 3ala ra2y elly 2al en masr di a3'na dawla fel 3alam, they asked him how come?? he said, ba2alha 7000 sana btetneheb wi lessa feeha 7'eer wel nas 3aysha, msh 3aref 2a2ool eh aktar mn keda, bas enta welly m3ak fi zel koll el zoroof elly 7awaleek msh 7ate3raf te3mel 7aga yabn el 7alal, dah my own opinion n i know it's not easy that u get convinced with it, but we all have to speak up, this is the God damn democracy ur talkin about here....

7aga a7'era a7eb 2a2olha zai ma 7abeeb alby Jacob said, eza boletom fastatero, ya3ny ana 3aref ennak sa7eb mabda2 wi moktane3 beeh bi 3'ad el nazar mabda2ak dah sa7 walla la2, bas ana shayef enno makansh fi da3y ennak t7o6 some of ur wife's pics here, mn el a7'er 3shan akoon saree7 m3ak wi bel balady kedah, 7elw ennak tkoon natural wi dma3'ak metar2a3a, bas bardo msh 7atastafeed 7aga lamma el nas tetfarag 3ala werak meratak fel sewar 3eny 3enak keda, your wife should be more valuable to u more than the precious stones, only u enjoy it...

Wel salam 7'etam, best of luck for you all..



أنا مبخافشى وحفضل أقول

كلمـة حــق عليها مسئـول إن الريس راجــل طيــب وبشعبه دايما مشغـــــول

مشغول انه يلم فلوسنا بره سويسرا يحوشهالنا وف حسابات سريه يشيلها نفسه يأمن مستقبلنا

شفتوا ازاى بقى قلبه رحيم عنده ايمان وضميره سليم بيجوعكوا لجل تخسوا آه ياشعب يا محتاج لرجيم

من جهلكوا بتقولوا بطاله وان الاحوال مش شغّاله دا الراجل نفسه يريحكم هى الراحه تبقى عواله؟

أما حكاية المنتجعات ليه تسموها المعتقلات؟ ليه الظن وسوء النيّه نفسه يفسحكوا يا بهوات

أما الكرسى واللى اتقال دا كلام مش محتاج لسؤال الغلطه دى غلطتنا يا عالم إن مجبناش كرسى تيفال

والله انتم ظالمين الراجل ضيّع عمره ومين يستاهل حتى الاكل بياكله بدالنا طالع واكل نازل واكل

بعد دا كلّه........ماله الريس؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟

كنت أبحث عن خوليو كورتاثر عبر جوجال وفجأة وجدت نفسى هنا , واندهشت من الحيوية التى تتألق لديكم , شكراً لأنكم هنا وأطلب تسجيل مدونتى لديكم سأزوركم دائما دون خوليو كورتاثر أبحث عنه تحياتى إلى عالم المدونين الذى اصبح قوة الآن وغداً

أنا مصطفى اللى عاوز تخصيه يا عم علاء بجد البلوج او أقدر أقول السايت بتاعك روعة جدا بس للاسف أنتا زى غيرك وزى ناس كتير مش فاهمين أو عارفين هما مين ولا بيعملوا أيه؟؟

معرفتش أوصل لنتيجة وفايدة من كلامك لا أنتا شيوعى ولا أسلامى ولا حتى عضو فى أتحاد طلبة بجد مش فاهم عاوز توصل لأيه

بس اللى فهمته أن رسالتك هشة ورقيقة جدا وتافهة لدرجة أنك أهتميت ترد رد قذر عليا بسبب بوست أنا نشرته

ويظهر انك ديكتاتور ومش بتحب حد يخالفك فى الرأى

عموما ربنا يهديك ويهد حيلك وتهمد بقى كده وتبعد عن وجع القلب خصوصا مع واحد أخصائى وجع قلب زييا

أنتا مش هتستفاد حاجة لما تشتم فيا

بس على العكس بدل ما كنت بحترمك وبعتبرك زعيم البلوجرز فى المحروسة طلعت ولامؤاخذة مش محصل بواب على البلوجر

أنا اساسا سايبلك البلوجر بحاله ليك أنتا وكل اللى زيك عشان طلع مكان مش مناسب أبث فيه أفكارى بحرية ومن غير أعتراض

وبعدين أزاى أنتا معترض على أنك تعتقل وتتفشخ فى أمن الدولة لما بتيجى تشتم فى الريس والحكومة ومش معترض أو مكسوف من أنك تشتمنى أو تنتقدنى أنتقاد عريان من الصحة لمجرد أنى أذنب وكتبت بوست عن واحدة مش من بقية عيلتك؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟

ملعون أبو الديمقراطية والمهلبية بتاعتك اللى بتحلم بيها أقسم بالله مبارك أهون عليا من الحكم العسكرى الديكتاتورى اللى ناوى حضرتك تنفذه على أرض الواقع

معلش فى اللفظ بس اللى زيك مسيرهم المعتقل ومحدش هيعرفلهم طريق جرة

أستهدى بالله وقوم أتوضى وصلى ركعتين لو كنت مسلم وفكر تانى فى اللى بتعمله ويمكن ربنا يهديك ويصلح حالك ولو أنى أشك فى ذلك

وبعدين متزعلش منى لو قولتلك أنك بتفكرنى بحاتم رشيد فى عمارة يعقوبيان حاسس بأنكم وجهين لعملة واحدة

فى راجل فى الدنيا بيفكر يخصى باقى الرجالة؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟

ياشيخ ده أنتا خرفت خالص وأتجننت باين عليك

روح خدلك أجازة فى مكان هادى مع منال وأنتا بأذن الله ترجع كويس وترجع عن اللى أنتا فيه

يلا سلام يا عسل

علاء أنا لما قرأت بعض من البوست بتاعتك حسيت ان انت انسان مثقف وكمان اهتمامك بقضايا في مصر بتدل على انك انسان واعي واإيجابي مش سلبي, بس في حاجة واحدة بس اسمحلي انتقدها فيك اذا كنت بتقبل النقد والحاجة ده هي ألفاظك أنا لاحظت انك سهل أوي تقول ألفاظ مش محترمة ومستغربة أوي ليه بتستعمل ألفاظ زي كدة ممكن تدايق حد بيحب يقرألك ويقرأ رأيك, بلس ان الألفاظ ده ممكن تقلل من احترام الناس ليك, يا ريت ترد علية

اللي انت بتطلبة دة انت اساسا ملكش فية

دي بلوجر خاص يعني ليا انا ومنال

ودي افكارنا واسلوبنا

واللي مش عاجبة يعمل بلوجر خاص بية ويقول اللي هوة عايزة

وعلي فكرة البلوجردة مش ديمقراطي

وهنشتم ونسب زي ما احنا عايزين عشان دي اخلاقنا يا مان

ويلا ياد غور من هنا

المتحدث الرسمي باسم الكتكوت البمبي


جه في بالي و انا بقرأ عن حياتكم -مع انها شيقه ان يا ريتكوا متجوزتوا عشان احنا الأجيل عندنا في انهيار مش ناقصه اطفال فكرهم غريب اكتر من كده و اللي طبعا بيكونوا نتاج لام و اب زيوكوا و مع ذلك انكوا عملتوا فكره هيله و بوظتوها بالأسلوب الركيك انا متفقه جدا مع كل المواضيع اللي بتنقشوها و يمكن انا اكتر منكم نقمه و بحسبن حسبنه علي الأوضاع السيئه اللي احنا فيها بس بتفق جدا مع الرأي اللي كتباهnariman ان الشتايم و السب دخيل زي البوس اللي بيبقي في السينما بظبط

و بسأل نفس السؤأل اللي سأله حد مش كاتب اسمه ان كل ده و مفيش و جهه دينيه؟

طب انتوا شكلوكوا مش مسلمين ولا مسيحيين و لا يهود

امال لما اتجوزتوا كان شيخ و لا قسييس و لا حخام؟

و لا كتبتوها علي ايديكوا؟

Wonderful life, and Lifestyle, way to go guys! you're my heros. I love you guys, hope everyone who leaves a nasty comment aimed at you to have his computer crash, and his DSL shutdown, and his phone dead, and even his electricity out!

بجد ياعلاء إنت ومنال بشكركم على مجهودكم الكبير في المدونة دي واللي ساهمت أكيد في تغيير حاجات كتير في بلدنا .. وبضم صوتي ليكم .. لكن ياجماعة فيه بعض الأشخاص ضيقوا الأفق ولهم نمط تفكير معين .. وللأسف دايماً بيبص للناس بالطريقة اللي هو بيفكر فيها .. اللي إتربى عليها .. ومش قادر يقتنع إن فيه ناس بتصدر منها تصرفات عادية جداً وطبيعية لكن برفضها ويهاجمها لمجرد إنها تخالف طريقة تفكيره .. ومن هنا تولدت صدامات كتير ..

معاكوا في دي .. ومؤمن بيها تماماً .. لكن ياعلاء إنت ومنال .. لازم يكون الإتنين متفقين على إنهم بيتحاوروا تحت غطاء واحد من الإحترام المتبادل . وعدم تدني مستوى الحوار وذكر ألفاظ خاجة وبذيئة .. عشان يتنوا الحوار موضوعي .. وأنا صعقت جداً ياعلاء إنت ومنال لما لقيتكم بتتكلموا الألفاظ دي .. ولقيت لغة الحوار بتاعتكم للأسف متدنية .. مع إني سمعت عنك كتير كوطني .. وبنصحكم تكملوا الطريق لكن بلغة حوار أعلى .. عشان يفضل الحوار موضوعي ومتهزش صورة المدونة وصورتكم في نظر المتعلقين بيكم والمعجبين بالمدونة .. وعشان تحافظوا على الجمهور المحترم ليكم ومتفقدوهوش .. وفي النهاية بشكركم على المدونة الجميلة دي

You guys are the coolest couple in Egypt, we ve never met but i really feel i know everything about you. P.S ALaa Pink Floyd defines your character( be see elsid and ask Manal to add them to her list).

stay who you are even if the bahyem write their comments.

I found this site because I was annoyed by the programmer-style GNU Octave documentation, and Googled for "Octave sucks", haha :)

But got interested by your blog, since I very much like to see what it is really like in non-Anglophile countries, I am in New Zealand at the moment and its hard to find objective news reporting, the quality of the news is rather bad.

I would love to visit your country some time, I find your history very fascinating, and my experience in other countries in the region has been positive (despite that I am European and mistaken for American so many times, sigh ;P).

Fight the power. I wish there was FOSS / Free Culture / Programmer Country without all these bullshit...

Hi, I saw Journeuman pictures story about you yesterday and was deeply impressed by your courage and determination. ربنا يوفقكن في مواجهة كل التحديات

تحيات من بريطانيا

فعلا لما تقرا الكلام ده جسمك يقشعر و تقول هو بجد الثوره دى حصلت بجد و لا احنا فى حلم ولا فيلم هندى مالوش اخر. كمان احنا غالبن نفس السن و فكرتنى بايام زمان فعلا بالزات موضوع السوتيانىكس ده كان فى رمضان انا فاكر

You guys are cool..i enjoyed reading your memories : )..well..take care of eachother

2 Alaa: rabena ma3ak we yesabark (my baby's called Alaa too)..ur a man.

2 Manal: take care of your coming baby (khaled?) and of yourself until Alaa comes back safely to take care of you both. : )