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Alaa blogs: after 17 days in jail

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note: this blogpost was written a long time ago (almost a's 24 days now since Alaa was arrested) but it is my fault not to publish it directly..I'm having trouble doing things on time, so I think Alaa's feelings about getting out in a few days has changed, especially after what happened to Sharkawy...Manal

It's been 17 days already and I still find it difficult to write about jail.

Now that i'm confident I'll be out in a few days I don't feel that bad. but still I heard and read many tales of prison. On the surface it wasn't as bad as I expected it to be, but on the other hand it doesn't feel like the transformative experience it is told to be.

It didn't make me stronger, it didn't make me believe more in "the cause". I still fail to see myself as an activist let alone a freedom fighter or a monadel.

When I'm out I'll have many stories to tell, I'll have gained some fame and have the power to use my short jail term as a weapon in political discussions (لما كنت فى المعتقل) but I doubt anything else would change.

It wasn't exactly a total waste of time. I got to bond with Sharkawy, I got to know Fadi and Ahmed Maher and to know Droubi better. I'm sure these friendships could have evolved outside but still sharing a cell was a unique experience, besides prison brought out the best in Sharkawy, I doubt I would have had the chance to see his sensible, responsible side otherwise.

There is also facing death with Droubi but I guess that's not such a unique thing the world is full of diabetics.

How can one explain jail, it's a bizarre place that belongs to a weird technological age where Tvs were invented but chairs weren't, where cats look like prisoners and where guilty serial killers are more courteous than innocent bankers.

Prison is fucking boring and I can't wait to be out.


Perhaps when you come out inshaallah you will be able to tell us about the prisoner by digging your memory. BUt still there is a difference between describing after days and describing after months. Anyway, I hope inshaalha that you find new sides within your character.

But...Free Alaa! I am all for democracy and freedom I'm American, though, so I can't imagine life without it.

You have my support.

Ya3ni..6 days only to go...mesh keda?? should we start counting down!!

you young man in jail , dont underestimate your self , millions of people watched u on aljazeera tv , u guys r a hope for many young people in the damn arab world , u know egypt and egyptian u r the leaders , listen it is not about egypt alone if u make it in egypt it will spread around, be sure too many envy u for your capability of movement , remeber the example that young people gave in yoguslavia , the future is in such social peacfull movements , we need u as examples go ahead pleassssssssssssssssse.thanks

ثورة الاشرب

اذا كان النظام قد نجح فى ان يكتم ثورتنا و يزور ارا دتنا بكل ما اتي من شر و قوة واستخدم اموالنا و شبابنا لحراسة طغيانه ونجح في ان يحبسنا بخوفنا داخل انفسنا وبيوتنا

فلقد وجدتها نعم وجدتها انها الثورة من داخل بيوتنا فعلي كل من تاذي من هذا النظام الاستبدادي ان يعلن رفضه له من بلكنته بتعليق اشرب او با لبلدي تنشروا اشرب اسود على حبل الغسيل الاولانى وتخيلوا معايا سبعين مليون اشرب اسود بيهفهفو على السواد الي احنا شيفينو انا لا اطلب منكم المستحيل كل واحد يقول لعلته لجاره و اصحابه انشروا الفكرة في مصر كلها انشروا فضيحة النظام يلا ويمكن؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟؟ أنـا كنت شـىء وصـبحت شىء ثم شىء

شـوف ربـنـا . . قـادر علـى كـل شىء

هـز الشـجر شـواشيـه ووشـوشنى قال

لابد مـا يمـوت شـىء عشـان يحيا شىء

عـجبى !!

Entao meu camarada, um dia voce sai dai! Nao se preocupa bele! Abraços!

Although I don't speak Dutch, I thought you would be interested in having a link to a Dutch article about Alaa submiteed to me by a friend

Sharkawy, 3abir, Alaa, all of you behind the bars or bearing scars... Hold on guys, you're teaching us to discover what we ought to do



This is my first writing in a blog spot ever!

You don't give yourself enough credit. I've only just learned about you 3 days ago and I'm so impressed by you and your efforts, your wife and this site.

Maybe your efforts will prove not to change anything now, but certainly you've put the idea, or thought in people's minds that the people of your country need to look around, to think, to change. I think your destined for something big...definetly more than you or anybody else can imagine.

I don't claim to know you or Egypt very well, but I do believe in justice, equality, knowledge and basic human rights.

Keep up your good work and I'll be visiting (and hopefully blogging)in this site more often.

i came across ur site and have been both intrigued and disgusted by ur experiences. although u may not know or see it, u have planted the seeds of revolution necessary to get the populace to rise against any sort of tyrannical government. geography no longer serves as a barrier to these horrific governments. the usa is just as guilty of arrogance, repression as any other hard-line so called democracy

Never feel you are alone. The story is out. Injustice must never be tolerated, each human has the right to speak, the right to write, the right to his own thoughts and opinions.

May Lady Justice shine a light on your story...

Blessings, Sarai

I've been reading your blog for some days. Words like yours make us see that there's still much to fight until freedom comes. And thank you so much for not giving up.

Please never give up and never feel alone! We're with you here in Brazil!

Hey 3alaa2, good news after all to know you're confident coming out in a couple of days. Sorry to know about all that, and I guess for now writing is the only thing I can help with. I hope this experience is still got any advantage in one way or another to you and others, even if it's only about the fantasies of lamma kont felmo3takal...

Personally I suppose every experience is got something to learn from, and trying something makes one realise how it is, how right and wrong is. I know you have enough special assets, skills and talents but never knew you're a great freedom fighter=). Until then take care of yourself and see you soon.


P.S: Ahh and thx Manaal for updates, makes it easier to follow up. Hope, you're doing great, and see 3alaa2 soon.

ALLAH with you Alaa and we all..

salamat ya 3alaa , hope u r fine , remeber this : all what u r passing through will stay as a memory but at least u have something to tell your kids about in the future with all proud , yesterday i met with friends here in madrid where i live , we talked about u guys i told em about the blogs and stuff , we were from different countries some arabs some spanish , here in spain the students played an important role in the sixties and seventies to get rid of franco s dectatorship ,good luck , by the way i have a stroy to tell it is about a friend of mine who had the pleasure of being a guest for 4 years in 3 different arab prisons (saudi arabia - syria & libya ) , now he is in UK got an asylum . in the future if u guys r intrested i can let u know about it. salamat

Hi Alaa!

Greetings from Romania! I'm happy to hear that you are about to get out from prison!



first of all, greetings from america alaa, and all others that strive for true freedom and righteousness in the face of adversity and oppression must take comfort in the fact that the world hears and remembers even the smallest voice. You have already made yourself and your fight known to people across the planet (I am definately evidence of that). Any government that does not rule with the peoples' best interests in mind and in deriving power from the consent of the governed, while unlawfully smothering (and imprisoning) its citizens has days numbered. Every passing day brings such a government closer to its inevitable collapse. Good luck to you, your comrades, and peace to the middle east.

You fought democracy and justice , not for your personal prejudice. Maty the god (whoever you believe in ) bless you and give you courage and inspiration for continuation of your PEACEFUL activities. We , the free thinkers in Sri Lanka , are always with you.

Whether you like to believe it or not, you are starting a small, yet strong revolution. I am an Egyptian American who just came across your website a few days ago and I am OUTRAGED! You, and those like you, are the seed ya Alaa. Its not bullshit, that's what Mubarak & co. want you to think.

Look at the tremendous wave you & your wife and those like you have created. Its not in vain. Your jail time is not in vain. You are making a difference, I swear. The world hears you. We will not let them forget. If someone can tell me what I can do here in the States, than I will try my best, as a mother, as a woman, as an Egyptian, as 1 person. Contact me at: [email protected]

Nancy Texas

Dear alaa

I know Switzerland is not known for it's consistency or integrity in dealing with undemocratic nations and there is a big divide between our talking and walking with different dictatorships and oppressive governments throughout history. But as a Swiss citizen I have the right to choose my travel destination based on my gut feelings. And after learning what happened to you and your wife this year in Egypt I am ready to convince others that Egypt is not a proper tourist destination to travel to and spend money while dissidents like you are imprisoned for free speech. I know that this stance might hurt good people living off tourism in your country more than the governement, but you probably agree with me that, living in a country promoting international peace and freedom, we cannot walk the fine line once we really know what is going on, lest we become engulfed in our own hipocrisy.

From Teheran to Texas, from Brussel to Bogota governments and leaders seem not to realize how little time they have left to truly respect their constintuency and act for the evolving humanity as a whole. In a world united by common interest and respect, of brotherhood and enlightenment it's long been since it has been a question of who has the bigger gun or the longer arms.

People like yourself who stand up for their basic rights and are willing to accept sacrifices to make themselves heard can count on cross-border solidarity and brotherhood. This should make you feel even stronger.


I'm happy to have you tell your story to a Canadian audience when you get out. Might you consider doing an interview with CBC Radio?

We would need to speak to you on the telephone.