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انجليزي ده يا...؟

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حرس حرس حرس ليه، احنا في سجن ولا ايه
(Guards, guards, guards, why? Is this a jail or an open sky?)

العسكري مظلوم في الجيش .... ياكل عدس و يلبس خيش
(A soldier gets a lousy deal/rotten clothes, one lousy meal)

يا سوزان قوللي للبيه: طبق الفول باتنين جنيه
(Hey Suzanne tell the lord: even beans we can't afford)

يا مباحث أمن الدولة، فين الأمن؟ و فين الدولة؟
(Hey State Security, investigate: Where's our security? Where's our state?)

ياللي بعتوا الغيط و المصنع .... مهما عملتوا مش راح نركع
(Fields and factories sold for a token/Do your worst; we won't be broken)

Amazing eh? Ahdaf Soueif translated some slogans used in kefaya and co protests, instead of trying to explain the slogans, the cultural context and the play on words she creatively transformed them into english slogans that convey the same message even though they might use different expressions. I love how she retained the rythm of it all, sounds very natural.

this is ripped out of a longish article she wrote for the guardian about the democracy movement, elections and that kind of thing.


لا مش إنجليزي

She did a great jobb, it´s really hard to get the right sense and value of the word,and real meaning, especially in slogans with a sociopolitical context that is hard to relate to, outside of that particular framework. Ahdaf Soueif relays it in a very subtle way, where the authenticity of the original text is reflected and conveyed superbly.

ترجمة عبقرية

hey, such a nice translation really! :)

neat job alaa

thanx but I did nothing, it was done by Ahdaf Soueif, read the article.