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برجوازي متعفن rotten bourgeois

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برجوازي متعفن

or rotten bourgeois, a joke meeso throws at random moments imitating die hard communists we met in real life, usually the joke is on communists, sometimes it is on the bourgeois

but for once in my short life I feel the urge to shout it out and to take it seriously

ROTTEN BOURGEOIS برجوازيين معفنين

TEATRO, Undoubtedly a place to see and be seen.
TEATRO offers a wide range of food and beverages that are every bit as contemporary, stylish and sophisticated as people who frequent it.
blah blah blah about their lighting and menus and ambience and most importantly an invitation to graze at TEATRO (يالا ابسط يا خروف)
While TEATRO's menu calls for the finest and freshest ingredients, it's surprisingly affordable


wanna know what's brunch? I thought it was a simpsons joke but life taught me otherwise, here Jacques the sexy bachlor bowling instructor explaining brunch to marge

Marge: What's brunch?
Jacques: You'll love it. It's not quite breakfast, it's not quite lunch, but it comes with a slice of cantaloupe at the end. You don't get completely what you would get at breakfast, but you get a good meal.

welcome to cairo, where Cilantro can get away with selling salads and juices that have gone bad and charge and arm and a leg for it and still remain a hip and cool place to be in.

I'll take the greek club over this bullshit anyday, at least in the greek club only the communists are fake and pretentious.


how about we do our next bloggers meeting there? I'm sure the large number of weirdos and non sheeps will be enough to bankrupt the place.

another simpsons brunch quote just for the hell of it

(Unknown): "First, the award for the alumnus who's gained the most weight: Homer Simpson!"
Homer: "Oh my God!"
(Unknown): "How did you do it, Homer?"
Homer: "I discovered a meal between breakfast and brunch."

أكتشفت أن أغلب رواد تياترو من الناس اللي بتحط لبن للجثة


مش متأكد اني فاهم انت بتتكلم عن ايه يا علاء

ده يا سيدي اعلان عن مطعم جديد في المهندسين لقيته عندنا في البيت (physical spam ya3ni)

و أنا بس حسيت أن لما الاعلان يقولك تعالي اتفرج على الناس و الناس تتفرج عليك، و عندنا المنظرة تحلو

و مش أنت بس اللي هتتمنظر تياترو كمان هيتنظر لأن أكلنا و شربنا متنشي و متزوق و ستايل زيك بالظبط

و جي دعوة مننا تيجي ترعوا في تياترو يا بهايم يا غنم

أما موضوع البرانش فده زي كده مالناس النضيفة (لا مؤاخذة في الكلمة) بقيت بتخرج الأربع عشان ميحتكوش بالناس الياي، برضه بقوا بياكلوا الفطار متأخر (زيهم زي الموظفين) و يسموه برانش، و أتفرج على simpsons و أنت تفهم بقى

و متنساش تدهن لبن للجثة

akheeran! la2eet makan a7lami!

khalas ya welad...ashofko fi teatro next time...we yasqot yasqot! :P

ana ro7to twice so far...awel mara 7agazo el tarabeeza eli e7na 2a3deen 3aleeha...WE E7NA 2A3DEEN! gom 2alolna law sama7to o3odo henak 3ashan el tarabeeza di et7agazet lol! we ba3dain el waiter 2am nasa7na en mafroud el wa7ed ma yo3odsh fel makan aktar men sa3a aw sa3a we nos bel keteer (!!!!!!)

tany mara ba2a...we made so much noise celebrating 4 birthdays at the same time....ledaraget en fi nas meshyet mel makan...which was for the best tab3an :))

bas howa el menu beta3to 3ala fekra khayaleya wa takad takoun wahmya we malhash wogoud...kol ma tes2al 3ala 7aga ye2olo en el naharda bezat el 7aga di mesh mawgouda! (ya fa2ari!)