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انبطحوا جميعا انتم فى عزبة مبارك الأول.

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been to the demonstration at mogama3 al ta7rir today, as usual it was a big mess, the thing was supposed to start at 1pm but the tagamo3 started early at 12:00 and had the police lock downtown early.

to top it off al 3arabi newspaper anounced that the demo would be at 2pm instead of 1pm (nasserists when will they get a brain).

it was hardly an antiwar demo, it was mostly an anti mubarak demo, kefaia decided to give this one a skip, why? who knows, who cares.

interesting thing this time was the pro mubarak mozahra on the other side, crew cut honest every day egyptians came streaming from central secruity (amn markazy) cars to organize a patriotic pro mubarak mozahra and accuse us of being traitors, they had some anti iraq war banners (all printed in the same exact type and material), among them was a monaqaba waering gold all over her arms (رقاصة محترمة مالكباريه للمظاهرة و من المظاهرة للكباريه) .

funkiest thing about the pro mubarak mozahra was the banner that said "مبارك قائدة مسيرة الاصلاح" nice to know the pharaoh is in touch with his feminine side.

anyways the traitors mozahra was as usual, its always a good time to meet some people one doesn't get many chances to meet (its also good to remember there is a world beyond GNU/Linux and Free/Open Source Software).

this time we met ابن الوسخة حرامى الشنطة "حرامى الشنطة" the guy (is he a baltagi or a security officer) who robbed my mum's bag and cut my Unga Ornar T-Shirt to shreds while trying to confiscate my camera last year.

he is one of the minions of Walid Al Desoky, one of Egypt's most notorious torturers.

mostafa was wearing my favorite slogan اتفووه, its perfect it doesn't claim to have an answer, in fact it isn't even political and yet it is the dream of many egyptians (to spit on our leaders one by one).

same genius who created the spitting slogan made this new cool banner فلقس انت فى شرم الشيخ. Sharm el Sheikh is now a symbol, you hear it more than camp david and the Nagi el Ali like drawing is perfect for the ocassion.

more photos from the demonstration.

c ya all on the 30th in kefaia's protest.


"You're trespasing sucker Sharing "photos/politics/mozahra20m_2005/""

wow alaa.. no need to get aggressive, you're the one who provided the link :)

I spit on the sac-thief dude!

well you browse files in my own PC at home you get the royal treatment, howa dah el nezam la mo2a7'za

the sad fact is, we are not even allowed to spit, not on the big boss and not even on the sac-theif, we are only allowed to complain.

I once suggested we organize an event where we all go neknos el sayeda 3ala all the torturers in a very public event with their names and photos and deeds publicized etc, but no one took me seriously.

maybe we should start spitting on effegies (like they used to burn Allenby annualy), or maybe voodoo is the answer.

انها الارض التى لم يوعد بها ابناؤها>

Although I took a conscious decision not to write (or read) about the 2nd anniversary of occupying iraq, this one caught me. Did they really write "mubarak qa2edet el 2omma"?! this is hilarious! And yes, etfu etfu E-T-F-U!

why can't i access the rest of the pics?

rest of the pics are shared from my PC at home, electricity and the ADSL line are not very reliable so it doesn't work all the time.

just try again after 15 minutes wala 7aga.

if you like some of the photos tell me and I'll publish them here on this blog.

i wanna you to e-mail me about what all these about!....may be i can help or join you if you have a good reason thanks alot..and looking forwards for your reply

wow! i like the idea of neknos el sayeda so much! i think voodoo could be effective too! now we have two missions: find a voodoo person (what do they call it? voodoo witch? voodoo rep.? lol) and buy 70 million ma2asha!

ok so I managed to convince 4 people, this makes us 5, if we get a few more maybe we can do this begad.

skip the voodoo a voodoo expert would be expensive.

but maybe this would be stage two, I just heard from very reliable sources that fathi sorour consults a fortuneteller/soothsayer before he makes any decisions and his wife activly seeks the service of a sa7er (something to do with getting rid of sorour's second wife).

so maybe if we get ourselves a sa7er reputed to be stronger than the one they employ we can scare them to death (death by placebo can you think of a better secret weapon).

[email protected] plz some 1 tell me what are you doing? what is your point? may be i can join you...NB ..i am a civilian ya3ny mesh mokhabarat

فينك فينك ياكترينا .. من مبارك خلصينا

احمدوا اللة انكم فى هذة العزبة واللى مش عاجبة يضرب دماغة فى الحيط

بجد انتوا تحمدوا ربنا على انكم عايشين فى البلد دى وعلى ترابها هوة فيه زى كدة ولااحلى من كدة ولا عيشة كدة الله يحرقكم ماليتوا البلد زيي :D هههههههههههههههه استمر يا علاء انت ومنال وكل المجموعة بس لما تروحوا اللومان خدونى معاكم لاخرق روحى

حزب اللصوص

هل تتذكر الكميائي : توفيق زغلول عضو الحزب الوطني الذي هرب بمبلغ 50 مليون (خمسون مليونا) من الجنيهات المصرية ، طبعا ساعدت في تهريبه مليشيا الحزب الوطني و المسماة زوراً بأمن الدولة.

ولك أن تتذكر إن شئت :

  1. ) عادل مبارك فهمي الذي هرب و معه 375 مليون
  2. ) محمود وهبة الذي استولى على 300 (ثلاثمائة) مليون جنية
  3. ) مبارك حلمي الذي هرب و معه 500(خمسمائة ) مليون جنية
  4. ) حاتم الهواري الذي هرب و معه 700(سبعمائة ) مليون ج
  5. ) وهناك اخرون منهم ممدوح أسماعيل صاحب عبارات الإعدام الجماعي

لذا من ستعرض تاريخ الحزب ( المسمى زوراً بالوطني ) يجده زاخراً بألمع الشخصيات في عالم الجريمة بدءا من تهريب الأموال و مرورا بتجارة الرقيق الأبيض و انتهاءاص بجلب المخدرات (بعد أن ضمنوا ولاء جهاز الشرطة ) الذي تم أشغاله في عمليات وهمية كعمليات ضبط شبكات دعارة وهمية (تذكر شبكة الآداب المكونة من بعض الفنانات ).

و الآن تستطيع تفهم سر هرولة بعض المستقلين للانضمام للحزب بعد فازوا بعيدا عنة . البعض يسيل لعابه من أجل جزرة الحزب و البعض الآخر تخيفه عصى مليشياته (أعني أمن الدولة).

د‏.‏ محمود وهبةمظلوم جد

لقد أكد لي البانكير الشهير محمود عبدالعزيز ان كل من هرب من مصر كان لابد أن يهرب. وقال لي إن كل الأسماء التي نعرفها وننعتها بالهاربين ولصوص البنوك ابرياء وضرب لي المثل علي ذلك بقصة مليونير القطن محمود وهبة والذي أجبروه علي شراء القطن بسعر »500« جنيه للطن من الفلاح ثم أجبروه مرة أخري علي بيعها للمغازل بسعر »350« جنيهاً للطن، وأصبح عليه ان يسدد قروض البنوك التي مولت المشروع بفوائدها فسافر الي أمريكا ورفع دعوي قضائية علي الحكومة